4th of July Risks to Your Roof

4th of July Risks to Your Roof

When you think of the 4th of July, you might think of hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, a dip in the pool and, of course, fireworks. If you were a roofing contractor, like Alpha Roofing & Construction of Atlanta, you might be worried about what some of those fireworks could do to roofs in your area.

Every year bottle rockets and other types of fireworks that are set off as part of somebody’s backyard celebration end up landing on roofs in Temple, Douglasville, and other western Georgia communities. And every year, some of those fireworks cause house fires. Below, Alpha Roofing will offer up some tips on how to keep your roof safe from fireworks during the Fourth of July holiday. Call us for a free roof inspection or estimate today!


  • Don’t set fireworks off near your home or other buildings. Roof fires from fireworks are caused by stray sparks that land on your roof. One way to eliminate this risk is to be cognizant of where you are letting off fireworks. If you choose to light your own fireworks, choose an open field, preferably one that is mainly dirt, away from any structures that may burn.
  • Trim your trees’ branches. A tree branch, especially if it’s been a dry season, can catch fire from a stray spark as well. If a low-hanging tree branch catches fire, this can quickly spread to your home’s roof. Alpha Roofing recommends you trim your trees before the Fourth of July holiday.
  • Clean your gutters. Gutters can be full of organic matter like dead leaves and small twigs that can catch fire quite easily from a stray spark. A fire started with this perfect kindling will spread like wildfire (pardon the pun). Clean your gutters before this festive holiday rolls around.
  • Don’t watch the fireworks show from your roof. This is just a bad idea all around. Not only can someone get hurt while climbing up to your roof to watch the fireworks, but most people are inexperienced with walking on roofs, so the odds of damage being done to your roofing material is great.


The Fourth of July is one of the best holidays. Not only are you celebrating the freedoms you enjoy every day in this great country, but you also can enjoy the day with friends and family, have a great BBQ, and see beautiful, gorgeous fireworks as well. You can have fun and stay safe by following the above tips.

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