Roofing Insurance Claim Process

Congratulations! You’ve made it to Roofing 201! We’ll be exploring the Roofing Insurance Claims Process, and everything you need to know!

Alpha Roofing Takes the Confusion Out of the Roofing Insurance Claim Process

Has your home roof encountered damage from a storm, hail, wind, or fallen debris? Alpha Roofing has been helping homeowners and business owners in Metro Atlanta and West Georgia for years with their insurance claims on damaged roofing. We know the ins and outs of the roofing insurance claim process, and can tell you quickly and accurately whether your situation warrants an insurance claim. We take care of all the paperwork and submission process for you.

We will further explore various Homeowner’s Insurance coverages, code upgrade situations, the difference between ACV and RCV policies, commonly covered events, and everything else involved in the Roofing Insurance Claim Process. In fact, if there’s a way where you as the homeowner don’t have to lift a finger or pay one dime from the time you call Alpha Roofing until your new roof is completely installed, that’s what we call a successful venture for everybody involved.

Ultimately, Your Roofing Insurance Claim Process with Alpha Roofing Should Closely Resemble this Process:

  • Inspection - We conduct a thorough, hands-on investigation of your claim situation. This includes photos of your roofing problems, and comprehensive recommendations on procedure.
  • Negotiation - From this point, we will analyze your homeowner’s policy, see what you have to work with, and begin communications with your insurance company about your roof.
  • Claim - Once we have reached a verbal understanding with your provider, we will submit all the necessary paperwork for you, and do everything we can to get you maximum coverage.
  • Work - This part of your experience with Alpha Roofing will bring perhaps the highest ROI to your home of any other services you could undertake. Roofing Excellence. Bar none.
  • Review - It’s not over until we go over every shingle, every bit of underlayment, and every aspect of your entire Roofing Insurance Claim Process, start to finish. We demand the best.

Commonly Covered Events

We all know that weather-related circumstances are among the highest percentage of home insurance claims. Hail, Wind, Tornados, Hurricanes, Ice, & Snow are some of the most commonly claimed catastrophes for homeowners who have encountered damage to their roof. Alpha Roofing can help.

Homeowner’s Insurance Coverages

Not every homeowner’s insurance coverage plan is just alike. In fact, some coverage plans could trip you up if you don’t fully understand what you’re working with. Our experts can analyze your home roofing coverage and tell you what might and might not be covered by your homeowner’s coverage. If you have had storm or weather-related damage to your home, you need to document everything as much as possible, and call a professional. Alpha Roofing is here to help with all your roofing needs.

Code Upgrades

While your home roofing system may have been up to code when you first got it installed, local municipalities and state organizations have the right to change building codes as they see fit. An unknown code upgrade could potentially knock your roof out of warranty, or cause insurance claim issues. Some insurance policies will actually pay to have your roof upgraded to the current codes, so that you fall back under manufacturer’s warranty guidelines.

ACV and RCV Policy Differences

It’s very important to pay attention to whether your home roofing insurance policy allots for Replacement Cost Coverage, or Actual Cash Value. Most home roofs to increase in value over time, so the cost of replacement would obviously be the better choice.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Give us a call, or contact us online, and let us know about your situation. We can have one of our roof inspection specialists available to you as quickly as possible, and ready to provide a FREE on-site assessment of your home roofing insurance claim situation. Alpha Roofing also has emergency assessment services available.