Atlas Chalet Shingle Damage Replacement alpha roofing kennesaw

Atlas Chalet Shingle Damage Replacement

Atlas Chalet Shingle Damage

As a three-tab shingle that was designed to look like a high class architectural shingle, homeowners achieved the “3-D” effect for much less than the cost of real wood shakes or layered shingles. Tens of thousands of homes in Georgia and across the south have been roofed with Atlas Chalet shingles. But lawsuits filed against Atlas allege that a flaw in the manufacturing process allows water to penetrate the shingle, creating gas bubbles which are “cooked” by the sun. As the shingles deteriorate, homeowners have noticed: cracking and blistering on the surface of the shingle (often within one or two years of installation), significant granule loss (which fades the color or distorts the look of the roof), lifting in the wind or loss of shingles during a storm or windy day (despite marketing claims that their shingles can withstand gale force winds) and damage to the framing or home interior.

My Home Has Atlas Chalet Shingle Damage, What Do I Do?

If your roof has had Atlas Chalet shingles installed and your home has suffered wind or storm damage, let the Kennesaw Roofing Pros at Alpha Roofing help! With Atlas Chalet shingles, a simple repair isn’t a possibility because there is no other shingle like it. Although they were created to give off a similar look of that of a premium, 30-year, architectural shingle, they’re not. A full roof replacement is needed. Some insurance companies have even refused to offer homeowner’s insurance policies on a roof that has Atlas Chalet shingles which can be financially devastating for a homeowner. For your Kennesaw Atlas Chalet Shingle Damage Replacement, call the pros at Alpha Roofing and Construction! We can work with you and with the insurance company to provide information and evidence that could be categorized as a covered loss and work to get your home a new roof!

What Can You Do About Your Failed Roof Shingles?

If you believe there is a problem with your shingles, the best thing you can do is call a trusted roofing company like Alpha Roofing and Construction. Don’t let an inexperienced insurance adjuster or representative tell you that there’s no damage when there truly is. Alpha Roofing and Construction takes away the middle-man by inspecting the roof ourselves and providing substantial evidence to your insurance company. Your Kennesaw Roofing experts at Alpha Roofing and Construction are committed to providing the highest quality shingle damage replacement for you and your family! Nobody is in your corner quite like Alpha Roofing and Construction.

Alpha Roofing and Construction offers Free, No-Cost, No-Obligation Roofing Inspections and Roofing Experts to the Homeowners and Business Owners of Kennesaw and the surrounding Metro Atlanta area. The quicker you catch a roofing problem, the greater your chance for stopping the costs of repair or replacement from increasing! Call us today!