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Atlas Chalet Shingle Damage Replacement

Atlas Chalet Shingle Damage

As a three-tab shingle that was designed to look like a high class architectural shingle, homeowners achieved the “3-D” effect for much less than the cost of real wood shakes or layered shingles. Tens of thousands of homes in Georgia and across the south have been roofed with Atlas Chalet shingles. But lawsuits filed against Atlas allege that a flaw in the manufacturing process allows water to penetrate the shingle, creating gas bubbles which are “cooked” by the sun. As the shingles deteriorate, homeowners have noticed: cracking and blistering on the surface of the shingle (often within one or two years of installation), significant granule loss (which fades the color or distorts the look of the roof), lifting in the wind or loss of shingles during a storm or windy day (despite marketing claims that their shingles can withstand gale force winds) and damage to the framing or home interior.

My Home Has Atlas Chalet Shingle Damage, What Do I Do?

If your roof has had Atlas Chalet shingles installed and your home has suffered wind or storm damage, let the Kennesaw Roofing Pros at Alpha Roofing help! With Atlas Chalet shingles, a simple repair isn’t a possibility because there is no other shingle like it. Although they were created to give off a similar look of that of a premium, 30-year, architectural shingle, they’re not. A full roof replacement is needed. Some insurance companies have even refused to offer homeowner’s insurance policies on a roof that has Atlas Chalet shingles which can be financially devastating for a homeowner. For your Kennesaw Atlas Chalet Shingle Damage Replacement, call the pros at Alpha Roofing and Construction! We can work with you and with the insurance company to provide information and evidence that could be categorized as a covered loss and work to get your home a new roof!

What Can You Do About Your Failed Roof Shingles?

If you believe there is a problem with your shingles, the best thing you can do is call a trusted roofing company like Alpha Roofing and Construction. Don’t let an inexperienced insurance adjuster or representative tell you that there’s no damage when there truly is. Alpha Roofing and Construction takes away the middle-man by inspecting the roof ourselves and providing substantial evidence to your insurance company. Your Kennesaw Roofing experts at Alpha Roofing and Construction are committed to providing the highest quality shingle damage replacement for you and your family! Nobody is in your corner quite like Alpha Roofing and Construction.

Alpha Roofing and Construction offers Free, No-Cost, No-Obligation Roofing Inspections and Roofing Experts to the Homeowners and Business Owners of Kennesaw and the surrounding Metro Atlanta area. The quicker you catch a roofing problem, the greater your chance for stopping the costs of repair or replacement from increasing! Call us today!

atlanta storm damage roof repair alpha roofing

Atlanta Storm Damage Roof Repair

Come what may, Alpha Roofing & Construction is your local roofing company in times of need. When you’ve had storm damage to your home or business, Alpha gets you back on track in no time!

Few things have as much immediate impact on the health and status of your roof as violent storms. Truly violent storms can have immediate impact on your home roof or commercial roofing. And in the aftermath of storms, the damage can continue to escalate. Unattended storm damage roof repair needs can drain your wallet, and make your home or business uninhabitable. If you’ve had storm damage, and you need roof repair or total roof replacement, don’t hesitate! Call the professionals from Alpha Roofing and Construction. Our experts are trained to help guide you through every part of the storm damage roof repair process. From temporary patching of your storm damaged roof, to helping guide you through the insurance claims process, to complete repair or restoration of your home or business roofing, Alpha is there.

What Effect Can the Elements of Stormy Weather Have on Your Roof?
Wind Damage – Even the mildest thunderstorms produce at least one burst of straight line winds. Heavier thunderstorms produce multiple bursts. These bursts are significant not just because of the speed of the winds, but because of the direction from which they attack your roof. High-speed, straight-line winds can cause roofing shingles to come completely off, be lifted from their foundational surface, or even lose their granules. Lost shingles are easy to spot, but other forms of roof damage may ultimately be just as harmful to your roof. Wind Damage? Call Alpha Roofing!

Hail Storms – In the South, as well as other parts of the country, Hail brings untold damage to all our exposed possessions. Even small sized hail can break glass, dent cars, or damage your home or business’s roofing. While it’s unlikely that hail storms would produce the kind of hail that would penetrate a well-built roof, the constant pounding from hailstones can cause damage to granules, and the foundation of your shingles. Hail can also dent each affected shingle, and can cause roof valleys or other problems. If you need roof repair from Hail damage, call Alpha Roofing!

Torrential Rain – Torrential Rains will expose any weaknesses in your Home or Commercial Roofing quicker than almost any other element. When rainwater sees a weak spot in your roof, it will totally exploit that spot. Rainwater can also pool in certain spots on your roof, and erode the foundational sections of your shingles, erode granules, or soak the other materials of your roofing until they are damaged and leaky. If you’ve encountered heavy rains, and feel like you have roofing damage to your home or business, Alpha Roofing is your #1 advocate for storm damage roof repair.

Trees & Limbs – One of the indirect effects of heavy storms can be broken limbs and fallen trees. The same trees that have offered shade for years, and helped you keep costs down, will suddenly become all-out assailants on your home or business. Trees and tree limbs can smash through roofs entirely, or damage shingles and foundational structures well beyond the point of function. If you’ve had tree damage from storms, and you need roof repair, call Alpha Roofing!

Lightning – They say that lightning never strikes the same place twice. Whether or not this is true, lighting can plow right through your roofing. We do know that lightning is often attracted to a source of conduit, so if you have an old television antenna, metal casing around a chimney, or other sources of exposed metal on your rooftop, lighting could be drawn right to your roof’s most sensitive areas. However lighting damages your roofing, Alpha Roofing can help you recover!

atlanta roof repairs alpha roofing

Atlanta Roof Repairs

Alpha Roofing and Construction Is Here for Your Roof Repair Needs!

Sometimes it’s obvious that you need roof repair for your home or business. Gushing water in your living room every time there’s a rainstorm is a pretty clear indicator that you need Roof Repair, or perhaps even Total Roofing Replacement. Unplanned Skylights are also another pretty clear indicator that something isn’t quite right with your roofing, and you might need expert roof repair. But other signs are a little more subtle, and you may not spot current or potential roofing problems quite as easily. If you think you might need Roof Repair on your Metro Atlanta home or business, don’t wait around until the problem is too bad to fix! Call Alpha Roofing and Construction immediately if you think you might need Residential or Commercial Roof Repair. We offer FREE Estimates and FREE Roof Inspections.

Contrasting Obvious vs. Subtle Signs of Necessary Roof Repair

There are a few signs of necessary Roof Repair you can see from the ground. Missing shingles are pretty easy to spot. You might even be able to see obvious Roof Valleys, sagging sections, or discoloration on your roof parts. Other signs might not be easy to spot, even if you happen to be on your rooftop (which we DO NOT recommend). A Roof Assessment Expert, like the Pros from Alpha Roofing and Construction, can spot a lot of present and pending situations on your roofing structure that could be causing you immediate problems, or that might cause major problems down the road if left unattended. Call Alpha Roofing and Construction today! We can help you determine your Roof Repair needs!

Not-So-Obvious Signs You Might Need Roof Repair for Your Home or Business

Worn out sections around your chimney, piping, or ventilation could be a clear indicator of roof repair needs. Wet spots that linger after rain, whether on top of or underneath your roofing shingles, might be telegraphing potential problems. If certain shingles are dirty, wet, or darker than adjacent shingles, you might have a situation where those shingles are locking in moisture. Another subtle sign of Roof Repair needs that you might not expect could be the inability to get control of your climate control costs and energy bills. If your HVAC is blowing all day and night, and you can never get comfortable, the problem might not be with your HVAC unit. You might actually need Roofing Repair from experts who know what they’re doing. There are tons of other signs that you might need Roof Repair for your home or business. Alpha Roofing and Construction can help you understand the total health of your roof, and if you need Roof Repairs.

Roof Repair Needs Escalate After Storm Damage – Alpha Roofing Can Help Every Step of the Way

Storm Damage to your Residential or Commercial Roof may leave obvious damage. If a tornado, hurricane, or other major storm have ripped off sections of your roof, or damaged individual groups of shingles, you need Roof Repair! Major Storm Damage can leave you with Roof Repair needs that are immediate, and may take vital precedence over all your other repair needs. After major storm damage, many home or business owners don’t quite know what to do, or who to call. It’s amazing that in circumstances like post-emergency storm recovery, many homeowners and business owners feel like the authorities are not always on their side. No one wants to go through major storm damage and immediately be met with opposition from the very institutions that are supposed to be helping us navigate through recovery and restoration. Thankfully, there are people like your friends from Alpha Roofing and Construction around to help you and your family pick up the pieces from catastrophe. We’ve spent years helping people not only restore their home or business, but we’ve helped people with the painstaking insurance claim process. When we say we’re here for you in any circumstance, we mean it! Alpha Roofing and Construction is firmly on your side! Call Alpha Roofing today!

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Atlanta Roof Replacements

The Role of Mother Earth in Roof Damage

If you live anywhere in the Southeastern United States, especially in states like Georgia, you know that the weather can violently and swiftly change from day to day, week to week, or season to season. Sometimes, even the Seasons are completely off schedule. Tornados in Wintertime, Snow and Ice in Spring, it’s really hard to know how to prepare for the wide variety of extreme weather conditions that Mother Nature throws at us Southerners. So how does a Georgia homeowner or business owner prepare for extreme, fluctuating weather conditions? What is the #1 way to prepare your home or business’s exterior, including your roof, for anything that Mother Nature might throw at it? Honestly, there are several possible answers to this question, though in reality, you really need all these things working together in order to ensure your roof can stay healthy and beautiful for years to come.

1) Start with the best roofing products you can buy.

2) Have the best roofing professionals in your area install your new roof.

3) Make sure they stand behind their craftsmanship.

4) Have periodical assessments performed by a roofing professional.

How Does Father Time Take a Toll on My Roof?

Most experts estimate that an average residential roof made of good materials and quality craftsmanship should give a homeowner around 20-25 years of solid protection from the elements. Several factors are involved in this estimate, like if your present roof was built on top of an existing rooftop, if your roof is properly ventilated, and if you’ve had regular roofing inspections. Even if you’ve been lucky enough to avoid major storm damage over the years, your roof has still been completely exposed to the elements for the entirety of its existence. That means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your roof has endured a variety of blazing sun, swirling winds, heavy rains, freezing ice, coldness, hotness, and anything else that occurs in the normal course of a day, your reliable roof has taken the brunt of the exposure. You may not even be able to see the roofing damage that has occurred over time. That’s why we recommend having an expert roofing inspector in your area do a full check-down of your home or business’s roof. Alpha Roofing can help!

How Do I Know If I Need Roof Replacement or Roof Repair?

Missing shingles are usually easy to spot, and curled or buckled shingles also usually stand out, but what if you have a roof valley? What if the materials underneath your shingles, materials that give each square its strength and shape, have been damaged or destroyed? Shingle granules will also roll off over time, and weaken the corresponding shingle. If your roof has some years on it, you’ve encountered major storm damage to your roof, or you have seen other signs of roof damage, call or contact Alpha Roofing immediately! The quicker you catch a roofing problem, the greater your chance for stopping the escalating costs of repair or replacement. Alpha Roofing offers Free Inspections and Free Estimates in your area, so call or contact our roof repair and roof replacement experts today! We can give you a thorough run-down of your roofs current status, what might have caused the problems, and what can be done to correct it.

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Atlanta-Area Roofing Company

If you’re looking for roofing contractors in Temple, Villa Rica, Douglasville, West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, North Atlanta, and more, nobody beats Alpha Roofing and Construction. Call or contact today!

Everyone at Alpha Roofing was very professional, helpful and did an excellent job! Thank you for the new garage doors, gutters, and impact resistant roof! We are well taken care of and definitely recommend them.

Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

Since day one of our business, Alpha Roofing and Construction has been one of Georgia’s fastest growing Roofing Contractors in Temple, Villa Rica, Douglasville, West Georgia, Metro Atlanta, and North Atlanta. We specialize in New Roofing, Roofing Repair, Total Roofing Replacement, Storm Damage Roof Repair & Replacement, Insurance Claim Roof Repair, Residential Roofing, Commercial Roofing, Home Exteriors, and so much more. If you need it, Alpha Roofing and Construction are the Roofing Contractors who can help! FREE INSPECTIONS, FREE ESTIMATES. Call or contact today!

New Roofing from your Favorite Temple, West GA, and Metro Atlanta Roofing Contractors

If you’ve got new construction for a new home or business, and you need new roofing from Metro Atlanta’s #1 rising roofing contractors, look no further than Alpha Roofing and Construction. We also specialize in new roofing for Home Remodeling projects, Commercial Remodeling projects, and Complete Roofing Replacement projects for homes and businesses. If you need New Roofing, don’t waste your time! Call Alpha Roofing and Construction for a Free Estimate!

Replacement Roofing by Alpha Roofing and Construction

Mother Earth and Father Time seem to work in tandem to wreak havoc on our home and business roofing! If it’s not one, it’s the other! The good news is that you have a friend when your home or business needs Replacement Roofing. Alpha Roofing and Construction is always on your side! If you aren’t sure if you need roof repair, total roofing replacement, or a brand-new roof, Alpha Roofing offers FREE ROOFING INSPECTIONS, and FREE ESTIMATES. Call today!

Storm Damage Repair from Local Roofing Contractors

In the Southeastern United States, as well as other parts of the United States, we are no stranger to Storm Damage. Winds, Hail, Rain, and Lightning can all play major roles in damaging your Home or Business Roofing well beyond recognition. If your Residential or Commercial Property has encountered Storm Damage, Alpha Roofing and Construction can help you recover! We even specialize in helping you handle your Insurance Claims! We’re on your side!

What Will an Alpha Roofing Inspection Cost Me?

The short answer is simply, “NOTHING.” When we say FREE, we mean FREE! If you think you’ve had roof damage from a storm, from poor craftsmanship, or just from time & neglect, the longer you wait, the worse the damage can get. A somewhat manageable roofing repair or shingle repair could easily spread, and cause all types of problems. An unattended roof is unfortunately a very common occurrence here in the South. It happens in rural areas & urban areas, and it happens in residential settings just the same as it happens in commercial settings. An unattended roof that has encountered even minor damage could potentially lead to a whole host of exterior repair needs, interior repair needs, extensive roofing repair needs, or even full roof replacement needs. So, while it is true that an Alpha Roofing Inspection won’t cost you anything, NOT getting a FREE ROOF INSPECTION from Alpha Roofing could cost you EVERYTHING.

Alpha Roofing and Construction is the insurance claims specialist on your side! If you’ve had storm damage, and you need new roofing, nobody is in your corner quite like Alpha Roofing and Construction. Call us today for a FREE inspection, a FREE estimate, or a FREE consultation! We take great pride in our customer satisfaction, and attention to detail. We will get the job done right the first time, and on schedule. If you need local roofing contractors for new roofing, replacement roofing, or exterior repairs, call Alpha Roofing & Construction today!

what voids roofing warranties alpha roofing temple

What Voids Roofing Warranties?

Nearly every day, we see or hear of someone who unknowingly voided their home roofing warranty. How does this happen? Let’s find out!

Bad Materials, Bad Roofers, and Job Oversights Can Void Your Home Roofing Warranty

As a homeowner, you likely see your home roof as one giant entity. In reality, your roofing system is made up of several different types of materials, underlayments, structures, and connective points. When you factor in things like the roofing contractor you choose, or the time of year you’re getting your roof replaced, you have even more variables that will all factor into whether or not your roof is covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty. You see, while your home may look like one collective unit to you, your roofing system material manufacturer might not see it that way. These warranties exist inside a very specific scope of language and functionality. It’s up to you as a homeowner to ensure that your roof is installed and maintained in such a way as to keep your home roof warranty intact.

Here are a few things that can void your home roof warranty:

  • Using unapproved materials to repair your roof
  • Damage caused from HVAC leaks
  • Using unapproved fastenings
  • Using too short or too few nails
  • Not prepping the deck after old roof removal
  • Excessive foot traffic on the roof
  • Adding skylights or solar panels
  • Using “starter shingles” on your roof
  • Improper Quality Control
  • Using unapproved contractors for roof fixes
  • Moisture from damaged vents or chimneys
  • Underdriving or Overdriving roofing nails
  • Using improper roof decking
  • Installing with improper ventilation
  • Antenna or Satellite Dish installation
  • Improper pressure washing
  • Not meeting performance specifications
  • Improper inspection conduct

How Do I Know the Status of My Home Roofing Warranty 10 or 15 Years Down the Line?

Far too often, homeowners only start thinking about their warranty long after the coverage window has expired. That’s why we encourage you to start with quality materials and the best roofers you can find. You want a local roofer with experience, expertise, and a reputation for doing things the right way, every single time. We also encourage you to get all the aspects of your warranty paperwork correct, and submitted in the timeliest fashion possible. Our professionals are happy to help you with every aspect of your home roofing warranty.

At Alpha Roofing, we know how overwhelming it can be for homeowners to try and keep up with every aspect of their roof shingles and roofing system warranties. While it’s difficult for most homeowners to judge this at the time of inspection, it can become even more daunting to know how well the roof is holding up against the gold standard as time goes by. Our professionals can help you understand and protect your home roofing warranty for the entire life of your roof, or for as long as you own your home.

Regardless of what roofing products you used, what the warranty specifications are for that product or roofing system, how long the intended warranty is supposed to last, or the exact type of warranty provided, our professionals can help you understand the specific of your home roofing warranty. If there are revisions or repairs that can be made in order to ensure your warranty’s continuance, or restore your warranty from a voided situation, we can help you know how to accomplish that. Call or contact Alpha Roofing today for a FREE on-site assessment of your home roofing or roofing warranty situation!

Code Upgrades

Have recent building code upgrades knocked your home roof outside the scope of the manufacturer’s warranty? Alpha Roofing can help get you back to compliance, and maybe get your insurance to pay for it!

Alpha Roofing Helps You Stay Compliant, Longer.

If you’re one of the forward-thinking individuals who chose to invest in Building Code Upgrade coverage inside your homeowner’s insurance policy, you have no fears of how to pay for upgrades to your home roofing when the building codes change. Unfortunately, many homeowners might not even know that building codes have changed, and potentially knocked their home roof out of warranty. But did you know that many insurance agencies will quite often pony up for the upgrades you need to make in order to keep your shingles or your roofing system under warranty coverage? Why would they do this? Aren’t insurance companies notorious for never wanting to pay for ANYTHING?

Catastrophic Loss Vs. Partial Replacement

If you have encountered catastrophic loss, some insurance companies will allow you to work new code upgrades in with the roofing replacement, but sometimes this takes real effort. Most Homeowner Policies don’t include code upgrades without the advent of a disaster event. If you don’t have the right professional on your side, you could lose these negotiations with your provider. But with the experienced pros from Alpha Roofing, you will absolutely get the highest dollar amount for your new roof from your insurance company. Without code upgrade coverage, your total costs of roof replacement could be 30-50% higher. Most roofers don’t take time to include code upgrades in the initial negotiations with your insurance company. But Alpha Roofing will.

Insurance and Code Upgrade – How Does it Work with a Writer?

While it is normally true that they don’t like to pay out unless they absolutely have to, the Insurance Company’s position can be understood very simply: if it’s less expensive to pay for your code upgrades than it would be to pay for your roofing materials out of warranty, they are far more likely to negotiate with you. Roof decking, metal drip edge roofs, and water valley shields are common recent code upgrade victims for many Georgia homeowners and business owners. It’s also important for a roofing contractor to be aware, as well as your insurance company, that repairing or replacing your home roof with “similar materials,” or “materials of like quality,” instead of using approved products, might void your entire roofing system’s warranty.

If you have questions regarding recent code upgrades where you live or work, and how certain changes might affect your manufacturer’s warranty, Alpha Roofing is here to help answer any questions you might have. We can even work with your Insurance Company to see if your code upgrades could be paid for inside the scope of your Homeowner’s Insurance Policy. Call or contact our professionals today, and schedule a FREE on-site assessment of your home roofing needs.

ACV vs RCV alpha roofing temple

ACV and RCV Policy Differences

Understanding how ACV and RCV coverage works, and knowing what you have, can be a huge difference maker for you and your family.

What Are the Most Basic Differences Between ACV and RCV Homeowner’s Coverage?

At the most basic level, ACV stands for Actual Cash Value, while RCV stands for Replacement Cost Value. While an ACV policy might be more affordable in the short run, a homeowner’s policy with an RCV endorsement (upgrade) will likely far outweigh the total coverage capacity of an Actual Cash Value policy.

Why does an RCV policy offer more coverage than ACV? Simple. Depreciation costs.

ACV policies limit the risks for the insurance company and reduce the maximum amount the insurance company is obligated to spend towards replacing your roof by depreciating the value due to the roof’s age. When you buy a new home or have a recently replaced roof this could seem reasonable at the beginning of the policy period, but soon the amount available to replace your roof becomes insufficient as the actual value of the roof depreciates over time.

RCV policy endorsements do a better job of putting the interests of the homeowner first by guaranteeing full, like-new, replacement regardless of the age of the roof when disaster strikes. (There is usually a maximum lifetime total limit to how much the insurance company is liable to cover—most often no more than the appraised value of your home.)

ACV vs RCV Scenarios – Which Coverage Is Better for Your Family?

Let’s say that two neighbors moved into identical new homes in 2005 with roofs guaranteed for 30 years. They both purchased homeowner’s insurance from the same insurance company. Fifteen years later, a tornado ripped the roof off both houses in 2020, and they are each facing $20,000 in roof replacement costs.

The first neighbor saw a way to save 10-20% every year by purchasing a homeowner’s insurance policy using the Actual Cost Value (ACV) valuation method. Just for simplicity sake, let’s say they spend $600 on their yearly homeowner’s premiums.

The 2nd family understood the long-term value of an insurance policy with a Replacement Cost Value (RCV) endorsement and were willing to pay an additional 20% every year for their policy to take advantage of significantly better results in the case of a catastrophe. Their hypothetical policy costs $720 per year with full roof replacement included.


Family #1

Yearly Premium – $600

Coverage – ACV

2020 Roof Costs – $20,000

Insurance Deductible – $1,000

Insurance Payout – $9,000

Total Out-of-Pocket – $11,000

Family #2

Yearly Premium – $720

Coverage – RCV

2020 Roof Costs – $20,000

Insurance Deductible – $1,000

Insurance Payout – $19,000

Total Out-of-Pocket – $1,000

The ACV policy holders would have saved around $1,800 or so in yearly policy costs. But when the insurance companies started their valuation process, they would be up the creek without a paddle. Depreciation costs over 15 years on a roof with a 30-year lifespan would be 50% or more. When you subtract that amount from the originally estimated costs ($20,000), you’re only sitting on $10,000 of roof replacement money. Subtract the deductible, and you’re down to around only $9,000 from the insurance company.

But the RCV policy holders would have quite a different outcome, due completely to the fact that their policy calls for Replacement Cash Valuation. It ignores any depreciation costs for replacing the roof. Their policy covers the entire $20,000 cost of replacing their home roof, minus the deductible, of course. So even with a $1k deductible, the RCV family has $19,000 in hand to replace their home roof. You could definitely say that a $19k payout is better than $9,000 payout, and well worth the extra $1,800 in policy premium costs over the span of 15 years.

For any questions about ACV vs RCV, your homeowner’s insurance policy, or any other roofing questions, call or contact your friends from Alpha Roofing. We’ve been serving our friends and neighbors in Metro Atlanta and West Georgia since the very beginning. Call today, and see what we can do for you!

4th of July Risks to Your Roof

4th of July Risks to Your Roof

When you think of the 4th of July, you might think of hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill, maybe a dip in the pool and, of course, fireworks. If you were a roofing contractor, like Alpha Roofing & Construction of Atlanta, on the other hand, you might be worried about what some of those fireworks could do to roofs in your area.

Every year bottle rockets and other types of fireworks that are set off as part of somebody’s backyard celebration end up landing on roofs in Temple, Douglasville and other western Georgia communities. And every year, some of those fireworks cause house fires. 

When a reader asked Popular Mechanics if bottle rockets are a serious fire danger, the answer was unequivocal. “Yes. Every year bottle rockets are the source of house fires,” Roy Berendson of Popular Mechanics said. “I had a close call with this several years ago, when I found a handful of charred leaves in a gutter. Probing deeper into the mess, I found the remains of a bottle rocket. But it could have been worse: Another neighbor found a copper-jacketed .45-caliber slug lodged in his roof.”

If you are worried about the fireworks your neighbors will be setting off, Berendson offers this advice: “As late as possible on July 4, wet down your yard and garden areas with a sprinkler. Take in materials like outdoor cushions and close patio umbrellas and awnings. Use a hose to soak your firewood pile, if you have one. Finally, clean dry debris like leaves, pine needles, and seed pods out of gutters and off roof valleys and shallow-pitched roofs such as over screened-in porches. It’s easy to do with a leaf blower. After that, all you have to do is try to enjoy the show.”

But, before the holiday rolls around, you might also want to get a roof inspection to see if you have any fire hazards. If your roofing is in Harlson County or Carol County, you can call on Alpha Roofing & Construction of Atlanta for a free roof inspection.

This Might Be a Good Time for a New Deck

This Might Be a Good Time for a New Deck

An outdoor deck is not only a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors as we head into summer, it’s also a great way to give your family a little extra room to spread out. If you are thinking about adding a new deck or replacing your old deck, call Alpha Roofing and Construction of Atlanta. We are a full-service pool decks, patios and roofing company

We are all looking forward to getting out and enjoying our favorite restaurants or getting a haircut, but there’s still no doubt that the safest place for you and your family will remain your home. So why not get the ultimate enjoyment out of it? 

Our convenient online deck designer is a great place to start. This handy tool allows you to select a deck plan, choose a substructure, a color/stain and a railing and will give you an idea of the costs involved in the project. 

Alpha Roofing Company Recommends Trex® 

When it comes to choosing the materials for your new deck, the experienced pros at our roofing company in Douglasville, GA, recommend going with Trex. 

Trex offers composite decking that is hassle-free. 

  • You won’t have to worry about sanding, staining or painting – ever. 
  • All you need to do to keep your Trex deck looking beautiful is to clean it with soap and water now and then or give it a quick power washing. 
  • It’s longer lasting and durable enough to stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws our way. 
  • Wood decks can cause painful splinters when the surface cracks or splits. And if the wood rots, you might be facing more serious injuries. Not Trex. 
  • There’s no need to worry about termites, either. 

And, of course, Trex looks great. (We wouldn’t recommend it if it didn’t!) The only tricky part might be deciding which finish you want to go with (you’ll be amazed at how many choices there are!).

All of us at Alpha Roofing and Construction, Atlanta’s porch, deck and patio experts, wishes you and your family all the best during these challenging times. If there is anything we can do to help you stay safe, we’d be honored to help.