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Atlas Chalet Shingle Damage Replacement

Atlas Chalet Shingle Damage

As a three-tab shingle that was designed to look like a high class architectural shingle, homeowners achieved the “3-D” effect for much less than the cost of real wood shakes or layered shingles. Tens of thousands of homes in Georgia and across the south have been roofed with Atlas Chalet shingles. But lawsuits filed against Atlas allege that a flaw in the manufacturing process allows water to penetrate the shingle, creating gas bubbles which are “cooked” by the sun. As the shingles deteriorate, homeowners have noticed: cracking and blistering on the surface of the shingle (often within one or two years of installation), significant granule loss (which fades the color or distorts the look of the roof), lifting in the wind or loss of shingles during a storm or windy day (despite marketing claims that their shingles can withstand gale force winds) and damage to the framing or home interior.

My Home Has Atlas Chalet Shingle Damage, What Do I Do?

If your roof has had Atlas Chalet shingles installed and your home has suffered wind or storm damage, let the Kennesaw Roofing Pros at Alpha Roofing help! With Atlas Chalet shingles, a simple repair isn’t a possibility because there is no other shingle like it. Although they were created to give off a similar look of that of a premium, 30-year, architectural shingle, they’re not. A full roof replacement is needed. Some insurance companies have even refused to offer homeowner’s insurance policies on a roof that has Atlas Chalet shingles which can be financially devastating for a homeowner. For your Kennesaw Atlas Chalet Shingle Damage Replacement, call the pros at Alpha Roofing and Construction! We can work with you and with the insurance company to provide information and evidence that could be categorized as a covered loss and work to get your home a new roof!

What Can You Do About Your Failed Roof Shingles?

If you believe there is a problem with your shingles, the best thing you can do is call a trusted roofing company like Alpha Roofing and Construction. Don’t let an inexperienced insurance adjuster or representative tell you that there’s no damage when there truly is. Alpha Roofing and Construction takes away the middle-man by inspecting the roof ourselves and providing substantial evidence to your insurance company. Your Kennesaw Roofing experts at Alpha Roofing and Construction are committed to providing the highest quality shingle damage replacement for you and your family! Nobody is in your corner quite like Alpha Roofing and Construction.

Alpha Roofing and Construction offers Free, No-Cost, No-Obligation Roofing Inspections and Roofing Experts to the Homeowners and Business Owners of Kennesaw and the surrounding Metro Atlanta area. The quicker you catch a roofing problem, the greater your chance for stopping the costs of repair or replacement from increasing! Call us today!

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Atlanta Roof Replacements

The Role of Mother Earth in Roof Damage

If you live anywhere in the Southeastern United States, especially in states like Georgia, you know that the weather can violently and swiftly change from day to day, week to week, or season to season. Sometimes, even the Seasons are completely off schedule. Tornados in Wintertime, Snow and Ice in Spring, it’s really hard to know how to prepare for the wide variety of extreme weather conditions that Mother Nature throws at us Southerners. So how does a Georgia homeowner or business owner prepare for extreme, fluctuating weather conditions? What is the #1 way to prepare your home or business’s exterior, including your roof, for anything that Mother Nature might throw at it? Honestly, there are several possible answers to this question, though in reality, you really need all these things working together in order to ensure your roof can stay healthy and beautiful for years to come.

1) Start with the best roofing products you can buy.

2) Have the best roofing professionals in your area install your new roof.

3) Make sure they stand behind their craftsmanship.

4) Have periodical assessments performed by a roofing professional.

How Does Father Time Take a Toll on My Roof?

Most experts estimate that an average residential roof made of good materials and quality craftsmanship should give a homeowner around 20-25 years of solid protection from the elements. Several factors are involved in this estimate, like if your present roof was built on top of an existing rooftop, if your roof is properly ventilated, and if you’ve had regular roofing inspections. Even if you’ve been lucky enough to avoid major storm damage over the years, your roof has still been completely exposed to the elements for the entirety of its existence. That means 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, your roof has endured a variety of blazing sun, swirling winds, heavy rains, freezing ice, coldness, hotness, and anything else that occurs in the normal course of a day, your reliable roof has taken the brunt of the exposure. You may not even be able to see the roofing damage that has occurred over time. That’s why we recommend having an expert roofing inspector in your area do a full check-down of your home or business’s roof. Alpha Roofing can help!

How Do I Know If I Need Roof Replacement or Roof Repair?

Missing shingles are usually easy to spot, and curled or buckled shingles also usually stand out, but what if you have a roof valley? What if the materials underneath your shingles, materials that give each square its strength and shape, have been damaged or destroyed? Shingle granules will also roll off over time, and weaken the corresponding shingle. If your roof has some years on it, you’ve encountered major storm damage to your roof, or you have seen other signs of roof damage, call or contact Alpha Roofing immediately! The quicker you catch a roofing problem, the greater your chance for stopping the escalating costs of repair or replacement. Alpha Roofing offers Free Inspections and Free Estimates in your area, so call or contact our roof repair and roof replacement experts today! We can give you a thorough run-down of your roofs current status, what might have caused the problems, and what can be done to correct it.

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What Voids Roofing Warranties?

Nearly every day, we see or hear of someone who unknowingly voided their home roofing warranty. How does this happen? Let’s find out!

Bad Materials, Bad Roofers, and Job Oversights Can Void Your Home Roofing Warranty

As a homeowner, you likely see your home roof as one giant entity. In reality, your roofing system is made up of several different types of materials, underlayments, structures, and connective points. When you factor in things like the roofing contractor you choose, or the time of year you’re getting your roof replaced, you have even more variables that will all factor into whether or not your roof is covered under the original manufacturer’s warranty. You see, while your home may look like one collective unit to you, your roofing system material manufacturer might not see it that way. These warranties exist inside a very specific scope of language and functionality. It’s up to you as a homeowner to ensure that your roof is installed and maintained in such a way as to keep your home roof warranty intact.

Here are a few things that can void your home roof warranty:

  • Using unapproved materials to repair your roof
  • Damage caused from HVAC leaks
  • Using unapproved fastenings
  • Using too short or too few nails
  • Not prepping the deck after old roof removal
  • Excessive foot traffic on the roof
  • Adding skylights or solar panels
  • Using “starter shingles” on your roof
  • Improper Quality Control
  • Using unapproved contractors for roof fixes
  • Moisture from damaged vents or chimneys
  • Underdriving or Overdriving roofing nails
  • Using improper roof decking
  • Installing with improper ventilation
  • Antenna or Satellite Dish installation
  • Improper pressure washing
  • Not meeting performance specifications
  • Improper inspection conduct

How Do I Know the Status of My Home Roofing Warranty 10 or 15 Years Down the Line?

Far too often, homeowners only start thinking about their warranty long after the coverage window has expired. That’s why we encourage you to start with quality materials and the best roofers you can find. You want a local roofer with experience, expertise, and a reputation for doing things the right way, every single time. We also encourage you to get all the aspects of your warranty paperwork correct, and submitted in the timeliest fashion possible. Our professionals are happy to help you with every aspect of your home roofing warranty.

At Alpha Roofing, we know how overwhelming it can be for homeowners to try and keep up with every aspect of their roof shingles and roofing system warranties. While it’s difficult for most homeowners to judge this at the time of inspection, it can become even more daunting to know how well the roof is holding up against the gold standard as time goes by. Our professionals can help you understand and protect your home roofing warranty for the entire life of your roof, or for as long as you own your home.

Regardless of what roofing products you used, what the warranty specifications are for that product or roofing system, how long the intended warranty is supposed to last, or the exact type of warranty provided, our professionals can help you understand the specific of your home roofing warranty. If there are revisions or repairs that can be made in order to ensure your warranty’s continuance, or restore your warranty from a voided situation, we can help you know how to accomplish that. Call or contact Alpha Roofing today for a FREE on-site assessment of your home roofing or roofing warranty situation!