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While many people think roofing is all the same, the reality is that every building is unique making every roofing service unique. From barns to historic homes, grocery stores, and shopping centers, each roofing service is customized to fit both the homeowner or the business owner's needs as well as fit the building itself. Nowhere is this more true than in commercial roofing.

Alpha Roofing offers the best commercial roofing services, including commercial roof repair, maintenance, and replacement services. We also offer commercial roof installation services for new construction. We serve the greater Atlanta area, including Bremen, Carrollton, Tallapoosa, Bowdon, and Temple. Our mission is simple: to offer you the best roofing services, which includes top-notch roofing materials, a superb roofing job that adds value and aesthetics to your property, and a stellar customer service experience that makes the entire roofing process look easy. We offer free commercial roof inspections and estimates, so if you think your office building, warehouse, or retail establishment needs a new roof, give us a call today!


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  • Roofing design. If you drive through town and start looking at roofs, you will notice a striking difference between commercial and residential roofs and that is their design. Most commercial roofs are flat or gently sloped; whereas, residential roofs for the most part have a good amount of slope. This is mainly due to the fact that commercial roofs have to enclose a bigger space and a sloped roof is just not economical nor structurally the best for such a space.
  • Maintenance requirements. Due to the design of a commercial roof, they need more roof inspections and maintenance than residential roofs. The size also plays into the fact that commercial roofs often require more roof repairs. First, there is just that much more roof that can sustain damage with a commercial roof. From hail to wind and snow, commercial roofs often sustain damage where residential roofs do not. Plus, if you consider the fact that hail is hitting commercial roofs straight on rather than at an angle, the force of the impact is higher. With Alpha Roofing's free inspections, we are more than happy to inspect your business's roof if you suspect any sort of roof storm damage to give you peace of mind.
  • More roofing items and stuff. What we mean by stuff is that commercial roofs have much more items inserted into the roof or sitting on the roof than a residential roof. For instance, you might have a chimney and a vent for your heating system on your residential roofing, which flashing can easily take care of. However, with a commercial roof, you could potentially have dozens of items to contend with and work around, such as multiple smoke stacks, external piping, HVAC systems, airflow systems, dozens of vents, and more. As a commercial roofer, you have to be able to negotiate these obstacles effectively to ensure a stable commercial roof.


  • Roof leaks. Probably most of you have been in a commercial office building or a store and noticed a bucket in the middle of the aisle to catch water from a roof leak, especially after a storm. Commercial roof leaks are common for several reasons. Perhaps the flashing around the many items on your commercial roof has come loose so water is seeping in there. The moisture barrier that is installed in commercial roofs can have a leak. This can be from wear and tear or improper commercial roof installation services. In addition, the roof's membrane, which is usually a rubber material installed to prevent leaks, could fail as well.
  • Storm damage. Storm damage roof repair is a very common commercial roofing service we see here in our entire service region, including Bremen, Carrollton, Tallapoosa, Bowdon, and Temple. Most of us have experienced the power of hail. A big hail storm can absolutely destroy your commercial roof, requiring a replacement service, which Alpha Roofing can handle. Here in Atlanta, we do get our occasional tropical storm blow through that can cause severe wind damage, ripping off flashing and other roofing materials that would require a roof replacement due to roof leaks. Severe rain can cause it's fair share of roof damage as well.
  • Lack of regular maintenance. As we've discussed commercial roofs need more maintenance than residential roofs, which, unfortunately, many businesses neglect to do. Most often this is due to the hectic schedules of most small business owners, and since "it ain't broke, don't fix it" is a mentality we all fall into when there's a million other things demanding our attention. Commercial roof maintenance is super important in order to ward off any major roof repairs. Fixing tiny leaks when they arise, fastening down loose flashing, and checking your entire commercial roof are tasks that need to be performed regularly so leaks don't occur and so that your roof can weather the severe storms swimmingly when they do blow through town. Alpha Roofing offers commercial roof maintenance in the Atlanta region. Call us for a free, no-obligation inspection today!



Alpha Roofing is proud to be your commercial roofing contractor of choice. We offer commercial roof repairs, maintenance, and installation services, as well as replacement services. Our mission is to ensure your roof is as healthy as it can be so when the storms pummel Georgia, your roof will be safe. Since commercial roofs perform such an important job, such as keeping your patrons and employees sheltered from inclement weather and protecting your wares as well, it's super important to have your roof regularly inspected, repaired, and maintained for longevity and durability. While it can be hard to remember to schedule routine maintenance for your commercial roof, Alpha Roofing is here to help. We can offer annual inspections around the same time each year. Call us for more information.

Alpha Roofing always puts the customer first. We use the highest-quality roofing materials to ensure longevity and protection. We work around your business hours in order to leave the least amount of impact to your store or business. We are diligent about cleanup, and we pride ourselves on our efficiency. In essence, our expert local roofers do everything possible to give you the best commercial roof at an affordable price with the least amount of hassle. Call us for a free inspection or estimate today!

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