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Roof Maintenance

A well-oiled machine runs smoothly every time. It has the lubrication it needs to ensure parts don't rub against each other, creating wear and tear and friction that can slow your machine down or cause problems. However, when your machine is not oiled or otherwise maintained, it can begin to wear down and show signs of hardship. It could jerk instead of be smooth, it could make a horrible grinding sound, or it could refuse to work altogether. When this happens, immediate attention is demanded.

Similarly, your roof works incredibly well -- so well, in fact, that you hardly notice it. You lead your busy life as always, working, taking care of the kids, and enjoying your free time while your roof repels rain, is pounded by hail, and shelters you from the wind. However, when your roof doesn't work well, leaks can infiltrate, shingles can be torn off, or critters could cause damage. Your roof, like a machine, needs regular maintenance in order to prevent a downhill slide.

Alpha Roofing serves the Atlanta area, including Bremen, Carrollton, Tallapoosa, Bowdon, and Temple, with the best residential and commercial roof maintenance services. From roof leak repair and roof patches to roof flashing repair and gutter repair, our exceptional local roofing team has got your needs covered. All of our roofers undergo extensive training and have years of experience in maintaining roofs. Call the roofing company you can trust for a free roof inspection or estimate today!


  • Clean and maintain gutters.
  • Check flashing, skylights, vents, and more for leaks
  • Inspect for critter activity
  • Help with holiday lights
  • Check shingles for signs of damage
  • Check for holes or other signs of roof damage



  • Keep the trees at bay. While we all love trees that not only add beauty to our world, but also provide us and our buildings with shade, saving us money on utility costs, they can cause a lot of damage to your roof, from falling leaves to branches. Alpha Roofing recommends that you keep your trees trimmed and ensure no major branches are overhanging your roof. If a big branch were to fall on your home during a storm, your roof could sustain major damage and may even need a full roof replacement. Regularly keep up on trimming,and cut the branches when they grow over your home or office.
  • Check for roof damage. While our roofing company does not recommend going up on top of your roof unless you feel comfortable doing so, you can check for roof damage from the ground, especially after a severe storm. Shingles or granules in the ground are often a sure sign of damage. Alpha Roofing offers free roof inspections in our service area, including Bremen, Carrollton, Tallapoosa, Bowdon, and Temple. Get peace of mind that your roof is healthy, and call us today.
  • Check for algae or moss. Algae and moss are tiny green plants that thrive in warm, humid conditions such as those in Atlanta. Algae can cause stains on your roof shingles that are unsightly, but more importantly, they can impact the strength and structure of your roof shingles. Algae and moss retain water, so having these green plants on your roof is similar to having standing water on your roof. It can eventually infiltrate your shingles, causing damaging roof leaks. You can check for algae or moss that may be growing on your roof from the ground. Call our local roofing company if you see any green for immediate removal.
  • Clean your gutters. Cleaning your gutters is one of the easiest ways to maintain the health of your roofing system. Dirt, debris, and especially leaves can clog your gutters. This prevents them from doing their job, which is to direct rainwater from your roof safely away from your home or office's foundations. Clogged gutters can yield to pooled water and/or overflowing gutters. This can affect your roof and your foundations, respectively. Fungus can even grow on the leaves and organic matter in your gutters, which can cause roofing problems as well. Prevent all of these roofing problems with our gutter cleaning service today!


  • Helps to ensure no major roof repairs. By catching little problems quickly, you can ward off any major roof repair needs down the road, which can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars down the road.
  • Promotes longevity in your roof. Most shingle roofs last between 15 and 25 years. You can help your residential or commercial roof last at least 20 or more by investing in regular roof maintenance. By protecting its structural integrity, your roof will do its job handsomely.
  • Offers more energy efficiency. By ensuring your roof is in tip-top shape, you'll save money in utility bills. For instance, roof leaks, holes, or critter entries can cause loss of heat or cooled air that can cause your HVAC system to work harder. Roof maintenance ensures your roof is as efficient as possible.
  • Offers peace of mind. If you are someone who tends to worry, it's a good idea to eliminate as many worries as possible. By ensuring your roof has regular maintenance, you can rest assured that your roof won't spring a leak, have wood rot, or have critters living in your attic unbeknownst to you.



Alpha Roofing has been serving the greater-Atlanta area for years with the highest-quality residential and commercial roofing services, including roofing maintenance. As you've seen, taking care of your roof is as important as taking care of anything that is of value to you, such as your car, your washer and dryer, and your health. The benefits far outweigh the risks of allowing your roof to withstand Mother Nature and the tests of time by itself. With a little help from your local roofers such as Alpha Roofing, your roof will perform wonderfully for decades to come.

Our roofing company offers new roof installations and roof repairs, in addition to roof maintenance services. All of our roofers undergo extensive training and have years of experience in maintaining roofs. We love helping our customers have a beautiful roof that functions superbly. Our mission is to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your roofing system. By keeping your roof clean and free from debris, as well as regularly checking for damage and critters, your roof will shine. Contact our roofing company that serves Bremen, Carrollton, Tallapoosa, Bowdon, and Temple to get started today!

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