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Most human-made items in life need to be replaced, from your car to your clothes, shoes, and refrigerator. These things just wear out over time, so the idea that your roof would wear out makes sense. Alpha Roofing offers residential and commercial roof replacement services in Bremen, Carrollton, Tallapoosa, and Bowdon.

When your roof nears the end of its life, our mission is to ensure you receive the highest-quality roofing materials for your roof replacement. In addition to the best materials, the quality of the roof installation job matters so that no premature leaks or loose roofing materials occur. From the roofing underlayer to the roof shingles, Alpha Roofing ensures every piece is installed correctly and with care. Our roofs shine, improving the aesthetics of your home or office, increasing the value of your home, and providing the protection you need when you need it the most. If you suspect you need a roof replacement, call our roofing company for a free inspection and estimate today!


  • Looks old. One of the best ways to determine if your residential or commercial roof needs replacement is by looks. If your roof is faded, worn out, is missing shingles, or you know it's old, it's probably time for a professional local roofer to inspect your roof. Here at Alpha Roofing, we offer honest roof assessments for free. Sometimes, you may just need a minor roof repair, or your roof is still structurally sound and you have a few more years. By calling our roofing company, you can have peace of mind that your roof is being taken care of.
  • Missing shingles. Missing shingles are another sign that you may need your home or business's roof replaced. During storms and from wear and tear, shingles can be blown off, or their granules damaged. When this happens, you are leaving your roof without its skin essentially and with an open wound. Rain can more easily penetrate the underlying roofing materials, leading to troublesome leaks that can cause major damage within your roof or home. If you notice missing shingles, it's best to call for a free roof inspection from Alpha Roofing for your Temple, Bremen, Carrollton, Tallapoosa, and Bowdon home or office.
  • Missing flashing. Flashing is the roofing material that is installed around openings in your roof. For instance, if you have a chimney, you'll see metal of some sort surrounding it. This is a special type of roofing material designed to keep the elements out. However, this material can become loose and can go missing altogether or form cracks, exposing this area of your roof to the damaging effects of water, snow, hail, and more. If you notice any missing flashing, call Alpha Roofing for a free home or office roof inspection today.
  • Sagging roof. A sagging roof is a roof that is bowed inwards and is often a sign of water penetration or of a structural issue with your roof. It could be a sign of rotting wood timbers beneath your residential or commercial roof as well. A sagging roof needs immediate attention as it is at risk of collapsing if the structural damage is significant. Call Alpha Roofing for a quick and easy free roof inspection if you notice your roof is sagging today.



  • Increase your home's value. Let's face it, having your residential or commercial roof replaced can be a pain. After all, it's noisy from the banging of nails and the removal of your old roofing materials. Usually, you have to vacate your home during the day for a day or two during this process. If you are looking to sell your home and the roof is close to the end of its life, replacing it now is a great way to increase your home's value. Your home will appraise for more, and potential home buyers will take note of its increased aesthetics and of the no hassle on their part. Call Alpha Roofing for a free roof replacement estimate today.
  • Save energy. Roofing materials nowadays stand head and shoulders over the roofing materials of the past. They are of a higher quality and more technologically advanced. For example, roofing innovations include designs to capture the sun's rays when needed during the winter and reflect them during the hot summer months. You'll save energy, which will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but will save you significantly in utility bills as well.
  • Ensures safety. It's a fact that roofs wear out. However, because roofs do their jobs without complaint day-in and day-out, it's very easy to not notice a roof in danger. Roof leaks can creep in, mold and mildew can take root, and structural damage can occur from roof rot -- all without the homeowner or business owner noticing. The last thing you want is a dangerous roof collapse to occur. Having your home or office's roof regularly inspected by a professional local roofer, such as Alpha Roofing based in Temple, can ensure your roof is replaced when needed.



Alpha Roofing is not your every-day roofing contractor in the Atlanta area. Our mission is to make a difference in your life by offering the highest customer experience in the industry. From the moment you contact us to the second the last nail has been cleaned up from your yard, we offer exceptional customer service with the best roofing materials at affordable prices. We are proud to offer Atlas roof shingles, which offer a superior beauty, strength, and performance than other brands of roof shingles. From the toughest storms to the most discriminating eye, these roof shingles help prevent black streaks caused by algae, can weather the fiercest storm, and offer amazing curb appeal.

Our roof replacement team has years of experience and knowledge. We perform all of our work diligently to ensure nothing is left undone or forgotten. We work expeditiously in order to keep the disruption in your life to a minimum, and we clean up our mess so you won't be able to tell we were even there. Our local roofers are always available to answer any questions you may have throughout the roof replacement process. If you are looking for the best roofing services, including roof replacement, in Bremen, Carrollton, Tallapoosa, and Bowdon for your home or office, call us for a free roof inspection or roof replacement estimate today!

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