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Let's face it, your roof is only as good as your roofing materials. You can have the best rafters, framing materials, and the like, but it's your roof shingles that take the beating when the hail rains down or the high winds whip across the surface of your roof. This is where having the highest-quality roof shingles can make all the difference in the world.

Alpha Roofing offers the best residential and commercial roofing services in the metro-Atlanta area. We serve a wide area, including the towns of Bremen, Carrollton, Tallapoosa, and Bowdon. We offer roof installations, replacements, maintenance, and repairs. Our mission is to ensure your roof lasts for decades and can withstand these types of storms when they come through. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We aim to be your reliable and dependable local roofers who can help 24-hour a day if you have an emergency. Call our local roofing company for a free estimate today!


  • Core4 Technology
  • Class 4 Impact Rating
  • Scotchgard Protection
  • Atlas Wind Limited Warranty of Up to 150 mph Wind Resistance
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects
  • Roofing Components Backed by Atlas Warranty
  • Many Color Choices
  • Different Roofing Material Styles to Choose From



  • Lightweight. Our asphalt polymer roofing materials are extremely lightweight. This means that you don't have to have heavy beams in your home to support a heavy roof and less fossil fuels are used in the manufacturing process.
  • Fire resistant. Since asphalt polymer roofing is made from synthetic materials, it is less likely to catch on fire.
  • Little maintenance. Asphalt polymer shingles require almost no maintenance once they are installed. Since these roof shingles are designed to be flexible, they won't freeze or break in the cold nor will they become brittle like normal asphalt shingles. They are extremely resistant to mold, lichen, or other plants that grow since plants don't exactly like plastic material. There are also no granules that can fall off, and once removed, can potentially expose your roof to the elements.
  • Aesthetically-pleasing. Alpha Roofing offers these asphalt polymer roofing materials in a variety of colors and styles to suit your needs and wants. We offer slate, architectural, three-tab shingles, and other styles, as well as colors, such as Copper Canyon, Hearthstone Gray, Black Shadow, Chestnut, and many others to brighten your home or office and add a nice curb appeal as well.
  • Eco-friendly. Many asphalt polymer roof shingles are made from 100% recycled materials, which regular asphalt shingles are not. Many types of asphalt shingles are also very difficult to recycle. However, with asphalt polymer roof shingles, they can be recycled as well.


Alpha Roofing has partnered with Atlas Roofing to bring you the best in shingle technology. Atlas Roofing has pioneered a shingle made out of asphalt polymer technology. These roof shingles feature modified polymer technology, which helps improve longevity, thermal stability to help withstand the elements, superior flexibility and toughness, and extreme weather resistance — all with the goal of protecting your home or office from the elements and wear and tear.

With a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturer's defects, you can rest easy at night knowing that your investment in our roof shingles is paying off. It also boasts a Class 4 impact rating against hail and a 150 mph wind resistance rating. So when the storms hit here in Atlanta, you will be prepared. With added Scotgard protection, your roof shingles will not have black streaks caused by algae. Alpha Roofing uses these top-of-the-line roof shingles to give your home the best looks, value, and protection for decades. Call for a free estimate today!


  • Metal roofs. Metal roofs have been around a long time; however, they are increasing in popularity due to their longevity. Metal roofs can last upwards of 50 years, are low maintenance, and are great at resisting the weather, such as hail and rain. They also now come in many colors, which, previously, they did not. However, metal roofs are more expensive than asphalt roofing materials and then keep many homeowners away.
  • Tile roofs. Tile roofs are popular in the Southwest here in the United States as well as in Europe. This roofing material is usually made from clay materials and is designed to interlock. Clay is extremely beautiful and is great for salt air and hot climates. Clay tile lasts a very long time, sometimes over a century, but it is quite heavy and expensive.
  • Slate roofs. Slate roofs may be hands down the most beautiful type of roofing material. Slate roofs can last hundreds of years, so if you choose a slate roof, it most likely will be the last one you will ever install. Slate roofs are heavy since they are made of rock, and are very expensive. Slate roof tiles are quarried fairly easily; however, installing slate roofs is a time-consuming process, which raises the price significantly.
  • Rubber roofs. Similar to our asphalt shingle roofing material, rubber roofs are made from an engineered polymer that uses rubber and plastic. From the ground, you can't tell the difference between a rubber roof and a slate roof. Rubber roofs are lightweight and extremely affordable. Thus, they are gaining ground in the popular realm as well.

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Installing roofing shingles is most definitely a skill and should not be undertaken by most DIYers. It's difficult in the fact that you have to haul the roofing material up to the roof, and you have to not only be comfortable walking on a roof, but you also have to have the experience of doing so carefully and while carrying objects. Once you assemble your roof shingles, you'll have to remove the old shingles first before you begin. This in and of itself is a tedious task that takes the right local roofers to perform professionally. You'll have to lay the underlayer and then the shingles, which have to be done carefully to ensure no leakage. Laying a roof correctly can take many days. You want a local roofer in Atlanta that can work both expeditiously and judiciously, careful to ensure nothing is missed in the roofing process. Alpha Roofing works diligently to ensure your roof shingles are properly placed every time. Call us for a free estimate today!



A roof is super important to your home or business. After all, it covers your entire building, providing the shelter you need. However, it also is noticed by customers as they drive by, as well as potential homebuyers if you are selling your home. Having a beautiful roof that will last a long time and get the job done can help with resale value, good impressions with customers when water does not fall on them when they are in your place of establishment, and offers peace of mind for when inclement weather does it.

Alpha Roofing is a local roofer you can trust. Serving many Atlanta areas, such as Bremen, Carrollton, Tallapoosa, and Bowdon, we can help you with roof repairs, replacements, installations, and maintenance services. We also offer emergency roofing services, so if a tree falls on your home in the middle of the night, you can call us. We'll come right away to help. We have a passion for roofing, taking pride in offering the best roof shingles from Atlas Roofing and seeing them shine on your home or office building. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and if you are not happy for any reason with your roofing job, let us know so we can make it right. Contact our team for a free estimate today!

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