Roofing Warranties

Nearly every day, someone has a question about Roofing Warranties. Don’t worry! Alpha Roofing is here to help answer your questions!

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Alpha Roofing – Helping You Discover and Secure Your Home Roofing Warranty From Day One

There are so many factors involved in getting and securing your home roof warranty. Each aspect of your roof can be a key cog in deciding whether or not your home roof will meet all the necessary requirements for warranty coverage. Even installation and long-term wear and tear issues like proper ventilation can play a part in securing manufacturer warranties.

Some roofing product manufacturers will offer extended warranties, like GAF and Atlas, for instance. You can always register for a shingle manufacturer's warranty on your own, most of these are conducted online, these days. Applying for an entire Roof System Warranty may be a little more involved though, as it likely includes qualified shingles, underlayment, and shingle accessories. You’ll also need copies of the material invoices when you apply.

Alpha Roofing and Atlas Signature Select Shingles – You Won’t Find Better Roofing Warranties

To paraphrase the great Chris Farley, a guarantee is only as good as the guy who sold it to you. While we stand behind the roofing services you can get from Alpha Roofing, as well as the shingles and roofing systems made by Atlas, we know that your roofing warranty is paramount for providing you peace of mind. Every homeowner wants to know that if something should happen to their home roof, that someone will be there to vouch for it, and hopefully fix things.

We believe that the Atlas Signature Select System Premium Protection Coverage is light years beyond what any other roofing product manufacturer could offer you. When compared to the competition’s standard warranty, the full system coverage expands greatly, and is fully transferable to a 2nd owner. It also comes with potentially 40 years of Algae Resistance coverage (for Legend shingles), as well as Lifetime coverage for Pinnacle Pristine and several other options. Most competitors offer 10 years of coverage for algae resistance, at the most.

Most manufacturers require special applications for High-Wind Coverage, whereas Atlas Legend shingles are rated for 110 mph, Pinnacle Pristine and Briarwood Pro are rated for 130 mph, and Atlas StormMaster Shake stands up to 150 mph winds, all without any other special applications. Atlas Signature Select Shingles also warranty for non-prorated labor and materials, tear-off costs, and disposal costs. The average competitor can’t hold a candle to Atlas there.

What Voids Warranties?

Because Roofing Warranties are so specific, and so deeply regulated, homeowners unknowingly void their home roofing warranties all the time. Alpha Roofing would like to help you avoid voiding your home roofing warranty. Click “What Voids Warranties?” to learn more, or call Alpha Roofing for a FREE consultation.

Code Upgrades

Did you know that code upgrades might happen without your knowledge, and cause your home roofing warranty to be voided? Alpha Roofing can help you stay up-to-date on the latest changes in roofing codes. We can even work with your insurance company to perhaps even pay for the upgrades that would reinstate your warranty. Read more on our Code Upgrades page, or call your Alpha Roofing professionals to schedule a FREE consultation.

When Unique Warranty Situations Arise, We’re Here to Help You Stay on Top of Things

Transferring a shingle or roof system warranty is an interesting concept. It might seem like a warranty might not be interrupted by a change in home ownership, but that isn’t always the case. If you’ve recently purchased a home, it’s always best to contact the roofing company in order to discover the current warranty situation, if it exists, and get it transferred into your name. This is true whether you’ve purchased an established home, or a newly built home.

Roofing Warranties can be different for Steep Slope Roofs, Residential Roofs, Tin Roofs, Light Commercial Roofs, or even larger commercial Flat Roofs. If you choose Alpha Roofing for your home roofing needs, we can always help with the warranty situation. We’ve been down these roads before, many times, and are happy to share what we’ve learned. We can even help you out with regular roof maintenance that will help you maintain the necessary parameters to keep your roofing warranty intact.

If you’ve been having trouble with your home roof, and you’re not sure if your shingles or roofing system is covered under manufacturer’s warranties or extended warranties, call our professionals for a FREE on-site assessment of your home roofing situation.