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Douglasville is a quaint little town in Georgia that is close to Atlanta, but far enough away to still offer a small town charm all its own. Named after Stephen A. Douglas, a senator from Illinois, Douglasville was founded in 1874 near the railroad. Previously, the area where Douglasville now stands was known for a large tree that Native Americans used as a landmark when passing by. Douglasville is a growing community with a vibrant downtown area that boasts shops, restaurants, and local farmers’ markets during the summer. It's a great place to call home.

Alpha Roofing offers the best residential and commercial roofing services in Douglasville. Our roofing company boasts years of experience in installing, repairing, replacing, and maintaining roofing systems so that you can rest easy at night at home or be assured your office space is protected from the elements. We are a family-owned and operated roofing business, and we treat our customers how we want to be treated. We offer financing options and emergency roofing services. Call us for a free roof estimate today!


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The basic needs of humans never change. They are food, clothing, and shelter. Ever since the dawn of humanity, humans have been building shelters in order to help them survive. After all, being out in the cold, the heat, or the rain can be detrimental to your physical health. Plus, when the wind blows and the storms roll in, the most secure place to be is inside your four walls. Styles, types, and roofing materials have changed drastically over the years, from thatch roofs made out of sod to tile and slate roofs that were used by the ancient Greeks and Romans to modern roofs where composite asphalt shingles are the most common roofing materials today. So, when it's time to get your Douglasville roof replaced, which roofing contractor do you choose?

Alpha Roofing offers the best commercial and residential new roofing installation services. Our highly-trained team understands that a poorly installed roof won't hold up against the pounding weather that Mother Nature sometimes brings to Douglasville. We work quickly and carefully to ensure your new roof will stand the test of time. Contact our local roofing company for a free estimate today!


Over the centuries, there have been many popular types of roofs that people prefer for their residential or commercial building, from gable roof to hip, Dutch, Mansard, and flat roof. Most people today are only familiar with the gable or the flat roof, which are the dominant types of roofs you will see built. The gable roof is about as simple as it gets. A triangle is formed over your home where the top of your two roofs meet. This type of roof is easy to build and easy to replace.

Alpha Roofing is a roofing contractor serving homeowners and business owners in the Douglasville area. Our top-rated roofing team offers high-quality roof replacements when your roof receives hail damage, or it's showing signs of wear. The average asphalt roof lasts about 20 years, so if your roof is approaching that milestone, give our roofing company a call. We offer free, no-obligation roof inspections, so we can tell you what state your roof is in. We treat every customer as we want to be treated, so we won't tell you you need a roof replacement unless we believe it's time. We can also give you a free estimate, so you'll have a good idea of the cost of a roof replacement and so you can shop other roofing contractors if desired. If you are in the Douglasville area, call us today!


Roof repairs for your Douglasville home or business are just something you can't really put off. After all, if water is leaking from your roof into your home, you most likely have a very serious problem on your hands. If your roof leak has been caused by a recent storm, it's super important to have a professional roofing contractor inspect your roof. There may be more than one issue that is causing water to drip from your ceiling, and you most definitely want to solve the problem in its entirely in order to prevent any future issues from occurring. Storm damage is most likely covered by your insurance company. By having a professional roofing contractor inspect your home and assess the damage, you'll be sure to not only find all of the storm damage to your roof, but also have help to ensure your roofing claim is paid for.

Alpha Roofing offers residential and commercial roof repair in Douglasville. Our professional roofing team can help assess any storm damage and document it for your insurance company. Moveover, we can work with your insurance company to ensure your roofing claim has been submitted properly. We understand that roof repairs are not the most pleasant of problems to have. We work diligently to ensure that your roof repair is performed correctly, quickly, and efficiently, so that you can rest assured your home, family, and belongings are protected one again. Call our roofing company for a free inspection and/or assessment for your home or business near Douglasville today!


It's probably fair to say that none of us really like to maintain anything we own, from the oil change for our cars to the exercise we have to do to maintain our health. Let's face it, maintenance is work. When your bedroom door begins to squeak, your kitchen faucet is leaking, and your deck needs to be power washed, it's safe to say that you'd rather be reading a book, relaxing with the family for movie night, or outside enjoying the nice weather.

Alpha Roofing offers roof maintenance services for Douglasville-area homeowners and business owners. We understand that the last thing you want to do is work on your days off, especially on your roof. Our professional team of local roofers can perform your routine roofing maintenance so you don't have to. From checking for roof leaks and missing shingles and repairing them when we find them to installing new gutters when one has worn out, our roofers can help. We are licensed, bonded, and insured, so you don't have to worry about any liability while we are on your property. Alpha Roofing does not recommend that you climb up on your roof yourself unless you are trained. Many people fall off their roof every year and injure themselves or even die. It's best to call us to inspect your roof for free and maintain it. Call today to schedule a free roof inspection today!



We understand that you have choices when it comes to local roofing contractors near Douglasville. It's important to note that not every roofing company is the same, so it's important that you do your due diligence, read online reviews, and call and speak to roofing companies you are interested in working with. Oftentimes, your first impressions are the best, which is why having a free roof inspection and/or estimate done is so important. After all, you want to work with a knowledgeable, yet friendly local roofer who will explain their findings, offer you roofing options, and not pressure you to decide. Our free roof estimates are valid for 30 days, giving you plenty of time to ask us questions and receive other quotes.

Meanwhile, if you are investigating a new roof, you can visit our website and learn more about us and our roofing materials. We have partnered with Atlas Roofing to offer their asphalt polymer roof shingles, offering thermal stability, superior flexibility and toughness, and extreme storm resistance. These roof shingles carry a lifetime limited warranty, a class 4 impact rating against hail, and a 150 mph wind limited warranty. If you visit our Atlas Design Center, you can see all of the different colors these roof shingles come in, as well as their features.

Alpha Roofing has been serving Douglasville with the best roofing services for many years. We take pride in offering you the best in roofing technology for the aesthetic appeal you are seeking at an affordable price. Contact our local roofing company for a free estimate today!

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