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Kennesaw in Cobb County, Georgia, has a colorful history. It played a role in the Great Locomotive Chase of the Civil War in 1862 where the Union hatched a plan to steal a locomotive and do damage to the South. The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain took place here and now Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park commemorates the fighting. State parks surround Kennesaw, as well as many lakes, offering great opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts.

Alpha Roofing offers residential and commercial roofing services in Kennesaw, including new roofs, roof replacements, and roof repairs. Our years of experience allow us to offer our customers a top-notch roof at affordable prices. We only offer the highest-quality shingles, Atlas shingles, that will provide a Class 4 Impact Resistance, up to 150 mph wind resistance, and Scotchgard protection that helps keep algae at bay. These designer roof shingles come in an array of colors and styles to give your Kennesaw home or office optimal curb appeal. Call our local roofing company for a free estimate or a free inspection today!


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There are many reasons to invest in a new roof. New roofs have the ability to boost your home's resale value, which is important if you are thinking of selling your home soon. Potential homebuyers see this as one less hassle they have to deal with. A new roof increases curb appeal, so potential buyers will be more likely to stop to view your home and will have a more favorable first impression. And many Kennesaw homeowners and business owners like to invest in a new roof in order to take advantage of new roof technology. New roofs can end up saving you thousands of dollars in the long run in utility bills.

Alpha Roofing offers exceptional new roof installation services in Kennesaw. If your home or business needs a new roof, give our local roofing company a call. We offer free inspections so we can tell you the condition your present roof is in, and we offer free estimates so we can get you a quote on how much a new roof will cost. Using only the best roofing materials and installation practices, you can rest assured that your new roof will last for many years to come. Call us today!


There may come a time in your lifetime where you will be facing a roof replacement. Bottomline, roofs wear out. Mother Nature's assault can be relentless, from the sun's powerful UV rays to the tropical storms that occasionally roll through Kennesaw. Tree branches can do their fair share of damage as well, falling on your roof and taking a few shingles or granules with them. Cute critters can decide your attic would make a lovely home, so they take advantage of a hole and make it bigger, settling in to raise a family in the warmth of your attic and at your expense. When combined over many years, your roof can have missing shingles, moss, bald spots, leaks, and torn or missing flashing.

Alpha Roofing in Kennesaw offers residential and commercial roof replacements. Once worn out, roofs are at a high risk of developing damaging leaks that can cause severe damage to your rafters, insulation, attic, and eventually to your ceiling and walls. If a severe storm blows through and your roof is old and worn, it could be even more likely you will face heavy storm damage. If you think your residential or commercial roof may be on its last legs, give our team a call. With our experience and know-how, we can give you an accurate assessment of the health of your roof and offer our recommendations. Perhaps you just need a few roof shingles shored up. However, if the majority of your roof is worn, a full roof replacement is ideal in order to ensure your roof is strong enough to withstand daily wear and tear and any severe weather that comes Kennesaw's way. Contact us for a free roof estimate or inspection today!


Roofs are incredibly strong, engineered to withstand Mother Nature's wrath. Atlas Shingles, which is the company Alpha uses for all of our roof shingle supplies, has engineered a polymer/asphalt composite roof that is more flexible than others, so it won't break in the wind. It offers wind resistance of up to 150 mph. It's rated Class 4 for impact resistance, so it can withstand most hail storms. And it protects against algae growth, which can compromise your roof's shingles and make them wear out faster. That being said, your residential or commercial roof in Kennesaw will occasionally need roof repairs, whether it's from normal wear and tear or a severe storm blows shingles off your roof.

Alpha Roofing offers roof repair services to keep your roof structurally sound and to prevent any major damage from occurring. What we've found is that many homeowners or business owners just don't know that their roof has sustained any sort of damage. After all, they don't see any outward signs of damage. This is where the importance of annual maintenance comes into play. By having a professional local roofer inspect your roof on an annual basis (more if a severe storm hits), you'll ensure all of your minor roof repairs are found and corrected before any major damage can occur. Call our local roofing company for a free inspection or estimate today!


Maintaining your roof should be as important as maintaining your car. After all, your roof protects what is most likely your valuable asset: your home. It also protects what is most definitely what you hold the closest: your family. Thus, by performing roof maintenance when needed, you'll go a long way in achieving these goals.

Alpha Roofing offers residential and commercial roof maintenance services in Kennesaw. We offer free inspections so that we can survey your roof and tell you what we find. Sometimes damage creeps in from unlikely sources, such as from a poor roof installation job where no underlayment was used, flashing was not installed properly, no roof sealants were used, and the roof shingles just weren't laid properly. Sometimes roof damage can be the result of the homeowner walking on their own roof and perhaps slipping on the shingles. There are a myriad of ways a roof can be damaged. By investing in regular roof maintenance, you will catch these small things before they turn into big problem..s Call our Kennesaw local roofing company today!



Kennesaw is a great place to live, work, and raise a family. It's one of the safest cities in Georgia and is close to Atlanta, so you can take part in all that a big city has to offer. Down home and friendly, Kennesaw offers a great lifestyle.

Alpha Roofing loves to support residents of Kennesaw by offering the best residential and commercial roofing services. Whether you are building a custom home or your roof shingles are starting to show signs of age, we can help. Our dedicated local roofers perform thorough inspections so we can give you the right price estimate. And if the cost of a new roof is keeping you up at night, don't fret. We offer superb financing deals so you can rest easy that your new roof will get the job done.

When choosing a local roofer, it's important to go with one you trust. You want to stay away from "storm chasers" or roofers who knock on your door after a storm and offer you roof repair. These roofing companies come and go so fast that you have no recourse should something go awry. Instead, choose a local roofer with great reviews, a golden reputation, and customer service that can't be beat, such as Alpha Roofing.

From roof repair to maintenance and inspections, our roofing company has got your needs covered. If you have any questions about the roofing process or just need some answers about your roof, give our team a call. We'll be happy to offer advice and solutions. With our no-obligation free inspections and estimates, you truly can't go wrong. Choose us as your Kennesaw roofing contractor of choice today!

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