Marietta Atlas Chalet Shingle Damage Replacement

The GA Insurance Commissioner has gone on record stating "If one single Atlas Chalet shingle has storm damage, the insurance company owes for the entire roof…" offering thousands of homeowners dealing with bad faith claims the power to fight back!

The Atlas Chalet shingles were marketed as an affordable version of "three-dimensional" shingles and sold with a 30-year warranty. The popular brand was installed on tens of thousands of homes across the state of Georgia and nationwide, from the late 1990s through mid-2010. Although affordably priced, the shingles looked expensive, which added to their appeal. Unfortunately, for many homeowners, Atlas Chalet Shingles did not live up to the hype. Not even a year after installation, roofs installed with Atlas Chalet Shingles started showing signs of wear and damage. The Atlas Chalet shingles were discontinued by the Atlas Roofing Corporation after a widespread pattern of flaws and complaints developed, from premature loss of granules, to cracking and blistering within the shingle that has led to physical damage to countless homes. The nationwide lawsuits against the Atlas Roofing Company alleges that the company has steadfastly denied any defect and systematically rejected legitimate warranty claims from homeowners.

Generally, when an insurance representative comes out to inspect a storm damage claim, they are looking for evidence of hail, wind and lightening damage. They are usually willing to pay for the replacement of the broken shingles if they find that the damage was due to environmental elements. In most situations, they will have to see evidence of damage on all sides of a roof in order to warrant a full roof replacement. However, that is not the case with the Atlas Chalet discontinued shingles. A whole new roof could be warranted if they find just one damaged Atlas Chalet shingle. Since Atlas Chalet shingles are no longer available by Atlas Roofing, a simple replacement shingle will be difficult to match, so the whole roof must be replaced in order for it to look consistent and marketable.

Instead of battling with your insurance company for your Marietta Atlas Chalet Roof Damage Replacement, call your Marietta Roofing experts, Alpha Roofing and Construction. From the temporary patching of your damaged Atlas Chalet shingles or aged roof, to helping guide you through the insurance claims process, to the complete repair or restoration of your home or business roofing, Alpha Roofing is there. There are plenty of people who can lay shingles and do it very well, but not every roofer can detect damage that would be covered by insurance and help you through the process from start to finish. Alpha Roofing offers free inspections and free estimates in Marietta, so call or contact our Marietta Atlas Chalet Shingle roof repair and replacement experts today! We can give you a thorough run-down of your roof’s current status, what might have caused the problems, and what can be done to correct it.

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