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Tallapoosa, Georgia, lies only four miles east of the Alabama state line. A small town with a big heart, Tallapoosa residents continue to look out for each other even in adverse times. It sports a slower pace and friendly smiles and is a quaint place to visit and a great place to call home.

Alpha Roofing is proud to bring our roofing services to the citizens of Tallapoosa. From roof repairs and maintenance to roof installations, our local roofers can handle both residential and commercial needs. We offer Atlas roofing shingles, some of the best in the business, as well as superior roofing systems that are made for longevity. With proper care and maintenance, your roof should last decades. We offer free roof inspections if you are concerned about the health of your roof and roof estimates for homeowners and businesses looking for roof replacement services. Reach out to our professional roofing company to get started near Tallapoosa today!


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There's something to be said about new items, from a new car to new clothes. First, they offer peace of mind because you know it won't break down. However, they also have this inherent ability to make you feel good. This same thing can be said about your roof. When you invest in a new roof with a local roofing contractor, you'll feel good about having something new that won't break down, that is durable and lasting, and that looks good. By using the best roofing materials, you'll be able to choose your color and your style of roof shingles.

Alpha Roofing offers new roof installation in the Tallapoosa area. Our expert roofers have years of experience and knowledge they can share with you. We understand that choosing a new roof can be overwhelming since you rarely do it. We are here to help answer your questions, explain your options, tell you the pros and cons of each roof shingle type, and then make our recommendations. We'll ask you some questions to make sure you are getting the right roof protection for your needs. We want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your new roof. Call for a free estimate or inspection in Tallapoosa today!


If you live in your Tallapoosa home or run your business long enough, one day you will most likely need a roof replacement. The average shingle roof lasts about 20 years. After that, it will begin to wear out quite quickly, with granules coming off and maybe cracked or missing shingles, that would require a roof replacement. While no one looks forward to a roof replacement service, it is necessary to ensure the structural integrity of your residential or commercial roofing system.

Alpha Roofing offers superior roof replacement in Tallapoosa. Our expert local roofers have years of experience in replacing roofs to meet your needs. We offer a wide variety of roofing materials to meet your needs that will not only be structurally-sound, but will also have the aesthetics you are looking for. We also offer financing since we understand that a roof replacement can be sudden, especially if it's a result of a severe storm blowing through. We also work with area insurance agencies to help you with an insurance claim for your roof. Our mission is to ensure your needs are completely taken care of. Reach out to our Tallapoosa roofing company for a free estimate or inspection today!


As a homeowner or a business owner, it can seem like there is always something that needs fixing. From the clogged toilet to the broken front door and the gutter squeaking, it can seem overwhelming at times when every time your turn around, something is demanding your attention. Some things can be put off for another day, like the squeaky door; however, other things like a leaky roof is something that should be attended to right away.

Alpha Roofing offers roof repair, including storm damage or leaky roof repair, in Tallapoosa. Whether a tropical storm comes to town or a wind storm, roofs can sustain damage in many ways. Our experienced local roofers have seen it all, and we can quickly offer roof patches to ensure minimal damage occurs. We can replace missing shingles quickly as well. If you have critters, we can help ensure the hole is fixed and your critters can't access it again. We offer free estimates and inspections in the Tallapoosa area. Give our roofing company a call if you suspect a roof repair today! 


You can think of taking care of your roof as you do taking care of your health. You exercise and watch what you eat for preventative reasons —  so you don't have major health problems down the road. Similarly, by investing in regular roof maintenance, you'll ward off major roof repairs that could cost you thousands of dollars over the long run. In addition, regular roof maintenance can help improve the longevity of your residential or commercial roof in Tallapoosa. You can catch the critters before they settle in, and you can ensure any leaks are patched right away before any damage is caused. You'll also be able to notice any missing shingles and if your roof is beginning to show signs of wear and tear. Checking in with your roof is prudent, indeed.

Alpha Roofing offers roof maintenance for your home or business. We offer free roof inspections so we can assess what state your roof is in. We also offer free roof estimates so if you know you need a roof repair, you can compare with other Tallapoosa roofing contractors. At Alpha, our roofers care about your home or office's roof and want to ensure it is in good shape for years to come. Call us today!



Alpha Roofing is not just another roofing company near Tallapoosa. We pride ourselves on always putting the customer's needs first. We go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. We listen to your needs and concerns and do everything we can to meet them. We understand that not only is your roof a big investment that you want to last a long time, but you also want it to look good. Here at Alpha, we use Atlas roof shingles, which are a polymer composite asphalt roofing shingles. These shingles boast many benefits, including Scotchgard protection, Class 4 Impact Resistant roof shingles, and high wind resistance roof shingles, rated to withstand winds of up to 150 mph. We also offer financing so that you can have the new roof you want without having to worry about the cost.  

With Alpha Roofing, our mission is to make sure you are happy with your new roof and 100% satisfied with your residential or commercial roofing customer experience. We'd love to help you with your new roof, a roof replacement or maintenance, or with storm damage or emergency repairs. Call our local roofing company in Tallapoosa today!

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