Everything Under One Roof

Everything Under One Roof

These days, the roofing on your Harlson County home may also be the roof above your Atlanta area office. Alpha Roofing Company is deemed an essential business, but not all of our employees work up on a roof. Even we have folks working from home, helping to keep themselves and the community safe. 

In addition to roofing contractors, we have people to handle things like the bookkeeping, scheduling and ordering. Like many of you, they’ve had to adjust to working from home. We know there’s a lot more to it than finding a place to set up your computer and plug it in! 

Home Office 101

The Muse offered up some helpful tips for anyone who suddenly finds themselves working from home. As they point out, it’s not just about productivity. “These tips,” they say, “will help you make sure that you’re successful, both at getting your work done and at maintaining your mental well-being.”

Some of our favorite tips include: 

  • Maintain a Separation Between Personal and Professional. A good way to do that, they say, is to set up a designated workspace or home office. “One of the big challenges when it comes to working remotely is keeping your work and home lives separate,” The Muse says. “If you never fully disconnect from work, your work productivity will suffer and your home life can take a hit as well.”
  • Get Dressed. It may sound like fun to work in your pajamas, but for most people getting dressed will help put you in the right frame of mind. “You don’t need to dress as formally as you might for work, but the simple act of changing clothes serves as a signal that it’s time to wake up and get things done,” The Muse says. Besides, if you spend all day in your pajamas, you won’t be able to look forward to the magic part of the day when you shed your work clothes and get ready to relax. 

We hope your find these tips useful. If there’s anything else we can do to help you, we want you to know that all of us at Alpha Roofing and Construction of Atlanta are here for you. We’re all in this together! Stay safe.

Ladder Safety Is Always Important for Roofing Contractors – and it should be for you, too!

Ladder Safety Is Always Important for Roofing Contractors – and it should be for you, too!

At Alpha Roofing and Construction of Atlanta, you can be sure that we spend a lot of time going up and down ladders. You might think that the familiarity we have with ladders as roofing contractors would lead us to be a bit lackadaisical when it comes to ladder safety. Well, we’re here to tell you that you would be wrong. The proper and safe use of a ladder should always be paramount to any roofing company – and it should be just as important for you!

According to the National Safety Council (NSC.org), “Falls are the third leading cause of unintentional injury-related deaths and the top cause of nonfatal injuries, according to Injury Facts. In 2017, 36,338 people died from falls at home or at work.”

Ladder Safety Tips

Some people approach ladders with caution, others will scramble up the rungs without a thought and, of course, some people would really rather keep their feet planted firmly on the ground. Even if heights aren’t your thing, there are times when you may have to climb a ladder – to change a lightbulb, to get something off the top shelf or to get your cat out of a tree!

Whatever category you fall under, you should always follow essential safety tips when working with a ladder. The following tips are drawn from the NSC’s Ladder Safety Precautions:‎

Choose the Right Ladder

“Using the wrong ladder can be dangerous,” they say. You’ll want to think about things like how high you need to go, how much weight the ladder will need to hold and the environment in which you are working.

Start with a Firm Foundation

First and foremost, the NSC says, “No matter what kind of ladder you’re using, place the base on a firm, solid surface and avoid slippery, wet or soft surfaces.”

Climb with Care

The NSC points out that people who use ladders frequently – like the professionals at a roofing company – can run the risk of becoming complacent. “Make sure every time you step on a ladder you are mindful of the task at hand, have reviewed the labels on the ladder and confirmed that the ladder is in good working condition.”

Safety is always a prime consideration for Alpha Roofing and Construction of Atlanta, a locally owned roofing company serving Carol and Harlson Counties.

Proud to Be a GAF Factory-Certified Roofing Contractor

Proud to Be a GAF Factory-Certified Roofing Contractor

When the time comes to find a West Georgia roofing company that can install a new roof on your home or business, you want to find a roofing contractor you can trust, right? You want to find someone with experience who uses quality materials. You know that’s exactly what you’ll get with Alpha Roofing in Temple, GA, because we are a GAF Certified roofing contractor

Getting a new roof is a huge project with long-term implications. Using a GAF factory-certified roofing contractor means your roof will get done right – giving you peace of mind for a long, long time. GAF trains and tests thousands of the best roofers in the country and makes sure they’re appropriately licensed and insured so they can offer their best warranties.

What Makes GAF Factory-Certified Roofing Contractors the Best?

In the roofing industry, GAF Master Elite® Contractors are second to none. That’s because each certified roofing contractor must be:

  • Properly licensed by their state 
  • Adequately insured, so you can rest easy knowing that you’re covered in the unlikely event of an accident
  • Known for quality – that means having a reputation for providing quality roofing services throughout the community.
  • Committed to the latest methods and up-to-date with the latest technology and practices

And because Alpha Roofing Company, serving Atlanta’s roofing and construction needs, is certified by GAF it also means that we have the knowledge and expertise needed to help you choose the roof that’s right for you – whether you’re looking for a roofing company for a Douglasville, GA home in need of a new roof or a roofing company serving Carol County for emergency roof repairs

Alpha Roofing Company in Temple offers free, no-obligation roofing inspections and roofing estimates to homeowners and business owners throughout the Metro Atlanta area. And we are proud to be a GAF Certified roofing contractor that you can trust! If we can be of assistance, we hope you’ll get in touch