Tips to Choose a Local Roofing Company

Installing a new roof on your home or office building is a big decision. After all, roofs are a big purchase, so you want to ensure you are making the right decision for your building. Odds are, there are many local roofers in your area, so how do you choose?

Alpha Roofing offers the best residential and commercial roofing services, including roof repairs, installations, replacements, and maintenance. Our expert team has years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers who love their roofs. We also offer emergency roof repair in the event a severe storm strikes the Atlanta area. Our team is ready to ensure your family and valuables are safe and secure. Below, we’ll offer up some tips on how to choose a local roofing company. Call us for a free roof estimate or inspection today!


Ask for Referrals

It’s hard to go wrong when you have first-hand knowledge of a local roofing contractor. By asking your friends, family, and co-workers if they have had a roofing service recently, who did the work, and what was their experience, you can rest assured that your roofing service will be similar. After all, reputable roofing companies treat all of their customers like family, and are honest in their business transactions. If no one you know has any experience with a local roofing company, online reviews should be your next stop. While these should be taken with a grain of salt, if you notice that the overwhelming majority of the reviews are positive, it’s worth putting those residential or commercial roofers at the top of your list.

Choose a Local Roofing Company

Storm chasers are roofing contractors who chase storms, meaning they watch weather reports, and if a severe hail or wind storm has hit the Atlanta area, they will send their crew out in force. These roofers go door-to-door and solicit work. They often are on the low-end of the roofing estimates you have gathered and for good reason — they tend to do a shoddy roofing job and then jump town, leaving you with little recourse if something is wrong. Plus, the original roofing contractor must perform any necessary warranty work, so you need to be able to contract them easily down the road.

Ask for a Written Estimate

It’s important that you understand the cost of your new roof installation or roof repair for your home or business. When you call local roofers, they will set up a time for an estimate on your roofing service. This is where the roofer will come to your home and survey what work you need done. They should offer you a written estimate that is usually good for 30 days on the cost of your roof repair or replacement. This is your chance to meet the representative from the local roofing company and ask any questions you may have, such as time frame for completion, and payment options. Many local roofers offer financing, so this is a good time to ask those questions. Finally, be sure to get more than one roof estimate. Odds are, you have no idea how much a new roof will cost. By getting written estimates, you’ll be able to compare and ensure that you are not being overcharged.

Ask About Insurance

All contractors that do work on your home should carry liability insurance. This is to protect their employees, subcontractors, and anyone on their job sites. In the event someone gets hurt from a roofing service, their medical bills will be covered by the roofing contractor’s liability insurance. All reputable local roofing companies, including Alpha Roofing, carry liability insurance.

Ask About Warranties

If you are having a new roof installed, odds are, there will be a warranty on the roofing materials and perhaps on the labor as well. This is great because if something goes wrong with your roofing materials, such as a manufacturer’s defect, you can get the damaged area repaired for free. Alpha Roofing has partnered with Atlas Roofing to bring you the best in shingle technology. We offer their roof shingles called Core 4 Technology. This is a polymer-modified asphalt shingle that offers thermal stability, superior flexibility and toughness, and extreme weather resistance. These roof shingles carry a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturer’s defects, so you can rest assured that your residential or commercial roof in Bremen, Carrollton, Tallapoosa, Bowdon, Temple, or elsewhere near Atlanta will last, or it will be replaced if warranted.


When it comes to choosing a local roofing company for your residential or commercial roof installation or repair, you want someone who is trustworthy, honest, and professional. While there is a plethora of roofing contractors to choose from, not all will give you a high-quality roof at affordable prices that will last. Alpha Roofing is your choice for all your roofing services in Bremen, Carrollton, Tallapoosa, Bowdon, Temple, and more. Our expert local roofers have undergone extensive training so that not only do they operate a safe work environment, but they also will install or repair your roof with precision and accuracy, contributing to the roof’s longevity.

Our mission is to ensure you are getting a functional roof that also offers aesthetic value. After all, if you are selling your home, a new roof can go a long way in doing so. By offering superior roofing materials, such as Alpha Scotchgard Shingles, and assembling the best local roofers who are experts in roofing services, you can rest assured that your commercial or residential new roof will stand the test of time. We offer emergency roofing, as well as storm damage roof repair. We understand that if your home is unexpectedly hit with damage, it can throw you for a loop. We are here to help you with insurance claims, so you can rest assured that your new roof will be covered. Call our local roofing company for service near Atlanta today!