What You Should Do If a Tree Falls on Your Home



Mother Nature is whimsical. Despite all of our high-tech, weather-predicting tools, meteorology is still a science based on our best guess. The reality is that severe weather can hit the metro Atlanta area at any time, and the only true way to be ready is to be prepared as best you can. Usually, this entails having the best new roof installation and enlisting in regular roof maintenance for your home or office building. Still, even if you’ve done everything you can to protect your roof, damage can still occur from severe storms, such as hail or wind damage. Occasionally, a tree can fall on your roof and cause major roof damage as well.

Alpha Roofing is a roofing contractor that serves the metro Atlanta area, including Bremen, Carrollton, Tallapoosa, and Bowdon. We offer both residential and commercial roofing services. From roof repair and installation to roof replacement and maintenance, our expert team can help. We also offer emergency roof repairs, so when a sudden storm strikes, your needs will be covered. Below, we’ll take a look at what you should do if a tree falls on your home or office during a severe storm. Call Alpha Roofing for 24-hour emergency storm damage repair today!



If a tree hits your home, the first thing you should do is ensure your family and pets are safe. Then, it’s imperative to evacuate the home immediately so that you can assess the damage. Trees can weigh hundreds of pounds, and a big tree falling on your home can cause severe structural damage that you cannot see. This could put your home or office space at risk of a roof collapse. Storms often arise in the middle of the night, so if it’s dark outside, be extremely careful when exiting. The electricity may have been knocked out when the tree fell, so be wary of any downed power lines in your area.

Call 911

Once outside, be sure to call emergency services. This is especially important if the tree did take power lines with it. Downed power lines are an immediate threat to your safety due to the risk of electrocution, and the sooner emergency personnel and the power company can get to your home, the sooner everyone in your neighborhood will be safe. Once outside, you will have a better view of the damage; however, even a small tree can do severe damage if it hits your home the right way. Wait to re-enter your home until after help has arrived. You may want to shut off gas lines as well in case damage was done there.

Call Your Insurance Company

You’ll want to alert your insurance company right away. They will need to send out an insurance adjuster in order to inspect the damage to your home so that you can get the money you need for emergency roof repairs. Most likely, the damage to your home or office building and roof will be covered. It’s always a good idea to take photos of damage done to your home anytime you are submitting a homeowners insurance claim. However, if the tree was a fall hazard before, such as it was dead or rotten, you may receive less if you had prior knowledge of the hazard. A professional roofing company can work with your insurance agency to ensure you get the most insurance money. Call Alpha Roofing today!

Call for Tree Removal, Contractor Services, or a Local Roofer

You’ll want to call your local tree removal company in order to remove the tree safely from your home. Sometimes, you may have to wait until after an insurance adjuster has visited your home to remove the tree for insurance purposes. If this will be a few days, you’ll want to ensure no further damage is done. Depending on the extent of the damage to your home, you may have to call a local contractor to shore up any walls or board up windows. Call your local roofer as well who can offer up an emergency patch so no more water gets into your home via the roof. Tree removal should be covered by your homeowners insurance as well, so make sure you do your due diligence when hiring a tree removal company who will work with your insurance company.

Call Your Local Roofing Contractor

Once the shock has worn off that a tree has hit your home, everyone is safe, and your insurance company has been alerted, you can now start getting estimates for roof repair. You may have more damage than just to your roof to contend with, but, most likely, your roof will definitely need a repair. Plus, they will be able to fully assess the extent of the damage (including any structural damage) and can give you a good estimate of cost and timeframe.

Alpha Roofing offers free roof estimates in the Atlanta area. We will be more than happy to get you a free estimate and submit that to your insurance company for you. As an emergency roofer, we can come to your home at any time, as we understand that this can be affecting your entire life, especially if you are unable to stay in your home because of it. We can also perform an emergency roof patch so no more damage is done to your home. We can also board up windows and ensure your home is secure.


It can seem overwhelming when damage is done to your home. While a car accident is not fun to deal with, when the place that you live is impacted, it’s doubly unsettling. However, when you take the process one step at a time, soon work can begin, and your home or office building will be as good as new once again.

Alpha Roofing offers the best roofing services in Bremen, Carrollton, Tallapoosa, Douglasville, Temple, Bowdon, and more. Our local roofers have years of experience in residential and commercial storm damage roof repair, including fallen trees. We offer emergency roofing services so we can help you get your home or office usable again. If the damage is extensive, we offer roof replacement services as well. We have partnered with the best roof shingle manufacturer, Atlas Roofing, in order to bring you an asphalt polymer roof shingle engineered to last. Featuring Scotchgard protection to guard against algae, high-wind resistance technology, a Class 4 impact rating, and a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects, we’re sure you will love the variety, strength, durability, and color options available.

Alpha Roofing understands that a roof is a necessity to your home or office space, and by investing in the best, you don’t have to worry when a severe storm hits. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our craftsmanship so that you can rest assured that you are getting the highest-quality roofing materials installed professionally at affordable prices. Whether you need a new roof, need to replace an old roof, or you are just looking for a roof maintenance appointment, give us a call today. Call our Atlanta-area roofing company for a free inspection or estimate today!