Why Winter is the Perfect Time for a Roof Repair alpha roofing atlanta

Why Winter is the Perfect Time for a Roof Repair

Living in Georgia, we really can’t complain much about winter temperatures. While you couldn’t exactly call them mild, they are tame enough to where you’re not freezing cold all the time. With the average daytime high being in the low to mid-50s and the nighttime low being in the low to mid-30s, Georgia is tolerable during the winter. Bearing this in mind, wintertime is the perfect time for roof repairs for many reasons and it’s most definitely something you should consider for your home or office.

Alpha Roofing is a local roofing contractor that serves the metro Atlanta area with residential and commercial roofing services, including roof repairs. We have years of experience helping people have beautiful roofs that not only protect their home or office space, but also add aesthetics to their property and to their lives. From new roof installation to roof maintenance, our local roofing company can help. Below, we’ll go over reasons why you should consider a roof repair in the winter. Contact our team to get started today!


The Weather

Asphalt shingles can be installed in any type of weather, even when it’s raining. While a few extra precautions need to be taken, such as the use of fall equipment if roofs are icy and wearing more layers, the roofing materials do quite well. The only difference is in the time it takes for the sealant to dry on the roof shingles. For this reason, you may expect your local roofers to be around your home for a day or two longer than in the summer months, but for most homeowners and business owners, this is not a problem. In addition, some roof warranties may require the use of extra nails during the summer, which could extend the time it takes for a roof repair or installation as well.

Not as Busy

Winter is the slow season for most roofing companies, which means you should have no problem getting your roof shingles repaired in a jiffy. This is great in case a huge winter storm is predicted to roll through and you suspect you may have a roof leak. Alpha Roofing serves the greater Atlanta area, including Bremen, Carrollton, Tallapoosa, and Bowdon with exceptional roof repair services. Call us for a free estimate or inspection today!

May Get Great Financing and Roof Deals

Similar to the end of the year deals with most products, roofing materials may be cheaper as well, especially if a new roof shingle is coming out in the new year. Plus, due to the slowdown in roofing, there is more supply and less demand, driving prices down. This can be a significant savings for you. Also, special financing deals may be had due to the slowdown in building. Warranties on new roofing materials remain in effect no matter what the season may be.

It Just Can’t Wait

Many people get stuck in the mindset that roof repairs can wait. After all, what’s a few missing shingles when your roof has hundreds of them? In reality, missing shingles, holes, loose flashing, and a sagging roof are invitations for more trouble to come. Missing shingles and holes lead to roof leaks, which can cause major damage inside your home. Loose flashing, especially around your chimney, is an open invitation for critters to take root. A sagging roof is a red flag that water damage has already occurred and needs to be rectified immediately. Thus, no matter what season, if you suspect roof damage and major roof damage that could be an emergency repair, call Alpha Roofing in the Atlanta area. We can get your residential or commercial roof repaired no matter the weather or temperature outside.


Winter is a great time of year to get all of your roof maintenance and tasks done. The weather in the Atlanta region is perfect for a new roof, roof repairs, or for your annual roof maintenance. You don’t have to worry about an inferior roof repair job because of the weather. Our experienced local roofers understand the unique challenges the weather brings, and we’ll ensure your residential or commercial roof is up to par. Call our local roofing company near Temple, Bowdon, and Carrollton today!